Battle Royale 2It has been three years since Shuya and Noriko survived their round of Battle Royale.  Since then, Shuya has become a well known terrorist and has waged war against all adults.  As a result, the adults have come up with a new way to fight him, if it’s a war that Shuya wants, it’s a war that they’ll give him.  The rules of Battle Royale have been revised and turned into a Battle Royale 2 Act where  instead of killing each other, a select class will be sent to an island where Shuya is located.  Once there, these kids must face Shuya.  They have three days to kill Shuya, once they do they win the Battle Royale, if they don’t, then the explosive collars around their necks all go off.

The movie opens with Shuya waging his war.  What looks like video footage of Shuya telling all the children of the world to join him in his war against adults.  Then, it cuts to a city where a bomb goes off and the buildings start to fall.  This is a terrorist attack from the group known as Wild Seven, with Shuya being their leader.

Ever since Shuya killed his teacher Kitano to escape the Battle Royale, his daughter has been longing for revenge.  She signs up with this select class that has been chosen to participate in the newly revised Battle Royale Act in hopes that she can confront Shuya and kill him once and for all.  As these kids are on a bus, they soon find themselves with these odd collars around their necks.  Outside of their bus, people are cheering and claiming how these kids are the ones who get to participate in the newly revised Battle Royale and it’s going to be televised.

Once inside the building, their teacher Riki, starts to tell them the rules of Battle Royale.  Much like in the original film, the kids are a bit hesitant to believe it and threaten Riki.  Riki tells them how the white line in the center of the room separates the winners from the losers.  Each student is given a choice to participate in Battle Royale 2.  If they accept, they are equipped with a gun and a back pack.  If they refuse, the will be shot and killed.  One boy refuses and he is shot and killed.  Not only that, but unfortunately for the girl with the same number as him, her necklace starts to go off.  Riki states that everyone has a partner and if one of you goes, the other’s necklace will go off as well.  The girl goes frantic and eventually, her collar goes off, blowing out her neck.  With only forty students left, the game of Battle Royale 2 begins and they have three days to hunt down and kill Shuya Nanahara.

To tell much more from that part in the film would really ruin it, however I will say that this movie is a completely different movie from the original Battle Royale.  Once the new class starts to go after Shuya, it becomes somewhat like Saving Private Ryan, for it is an all out war movie.  The movie is extremely fast paced, except for a thirty minute dialog scene that takes place towards the middle of the film.  At first, there aren’t many characters that stand out like they did in the original film.  The crazy guy, Kiriyama, from the original movie is definitely missed here, however these kids are a bit more aggressive about the game than the kids from the first film.  Riki somewhat tries to replace Kitano, but he fails miserably.  Riki just could not pull off the insane teacher that still cares for the students like Kitano did.  Battle Royale 2 is a very fast paced two and a half hours and it never stops.  We get constant neck explosions, gun shots, people exploding, and it doesn’t ease up.  Overall, if you enjoyed the first one, check out Battle Royale 2 for a completely new look at this game.  I give Battle Royale 2: Requiem a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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