Basket CaseThis is the twisted tale of brotherly love.   Duane Bradley has just checked into a hotel in New York.  This is his first time in New York and with him he carries around a wicker basket.  Duane carries that basket with him everywhere he goes.  Inside the basket is Duane’s mutant Siamese twin brother named Belial.  The two brothers are now on the search for the doctors who separated them.  The doctors separated them and threw Belial away thinking he was dead.  But Belial survived.  Now as they are in New York, Duane meets a girl who he falls in love with, and Belial gets jealous.  And Belial doesn’t want to let anything get in his way of mission to kill the doctors.

I had heard so many good things about this film, but still my expectations where very low.  I mean how can you take a film with a plot like that seriously?  So when I put it in, even though everyone was telling me that this was a great film, I was surprised.  The film opens with a nice little murder scene, that is a bit creepy.  The opening scene wasn’t that gory, but there are scenes that are completely sick.  My favorite death scene would have to be when Belial tears this one guy in half.  Another classic death scene is when all those scalpels are in that lady’s face and she’s still screaming.  That scene kind of reminded me of Mindy Clarke’s character in “Return of the Living Dead 3″ when she put all those sharp things in her face and body.  Overall, this is a completely twisted film.  Even some of the strangest scenes in this film can at times get under your skin.  This is one movie that you just have to watch around midnight, with all the lights turned off.  It really makes this movie fun.  So, rent this flick, watch it at midnight with all the lights turned off, and enjoy!  I give this film a 7 out of 10

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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