There will always be room in the field of horror movies for the type of tale that will prey upon the fears of the average teen girl or guy. After all, horror is a reflection of our own fears in our own lives up there on the big screen. Michael Manasseri and Jonas Barnes appear to understand this all to well with their latest movie, Babysitter unwanted. This film also includes the actor Bill Moseley, for those who remember him as part of the Devil’s Rejects, an underground cult hit that has put Rob Zombie on the horror chart.

So what about the story of this film? Well, we have a girl that is about to start college and has moved to a new town where she will enact the classic tale of struggling to fit in. College might be tough enough on it’s own, but this particular gal is quite the religious type and very, very moral about things. She has the perfect personality to get basically pursued by evil in any film, but this time she’ll be looking to get a job to support her community college tuition. Her name is Angie and she will be leaving her zealously religious mother behind to attend school.

Of course, Angie will be meeting up with an ad that asks for a baby sitter. She’ll find out that it’s quite a nice little rural family that has a son named Sam who she needs to watch over while they attend ‘farmer meetings’. Things start out well, but there are going to be expectations that things can only go so well in a scary movie and those expectations are definitely set to be met. There are the creepy phone calls, the visitor that just has to come into the house and other typical events, but the movie really does divert from the norm in this genre by quite a bit. There will be real jumper moments as long as this reviewer does not spoil them – so we will skip the spoilers and offer the warning to not read other reviews of this movie unless you are alright with having the scare scenes ruined before you see the film.

The twists and turns in this film are really worth taking it in and there are some really great performances put on screen here, from actor Bruce Thomas, especially. The unique turns the movie takes definitely set it up to surprise you and the gore is going to be high – so be forewarned. The red stuff will flow and there are times when those who are even slightly squeamish will be really rattled.

All in all, there is a lot more to this movie than the directors and crew could have gotten away with and it definitely marks some new territory for a babysitter themed movie. The story makes it worth the watch alone and if you are planning to pick up a DVD then Babysitter Wanted is certainly a great way to go for a good horror flick that is bound to impress.

Posted on April 29, 2009

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