Army of DarknessIn part three, and the final chapter in the Evil Dead series, we pick up where part two left off with him being brought back in time.  Our hero, Ash is now in Ancient times and is facing a new enemy.  He now has to lead an army to save the ancient civilaziation from an army of Deadites.  And while he does this he must bring two enemies together so they can survive this new enemy.

In this part, it’s more comedy then anything.  It starts off with a vioce over by Bruce Campbell.  He says, “My name is Ash, and I am a slave.”  Ash is being brought to his death by this army because he is expected to be one of King Henry’s men.  The army throws one of King Henry’s men into this pit, then blood shoots up.  Ash is the next one they prepare to throw in.  At first he doesn’t go in, until this one girl throws a rock at his head and knocks him in.  While inside we see Ash having to battle a member of the Evil Dead.  This old sorceror notices that he is the chosen one and throws down Ash’s chainsaw, where he escapes.  After that he climbs out and lets everyone know that he’s in charge.  I liked how he lets everyone know about his “boomstick.”  One thing I wish they would have left in in this one is Ash’s chainsaw hand, I thought that was a great look.  This one is a great ending to a great trilogy.  The DVD release from Anchor Bay has two different endings, and you can decide whether or not you give Ash a good or bad ending.  I give it 7 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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