Angel:Season 4It has been three months since Lorne left for Vegas, Groo left Cordelia, Cordelia became a higher being, Angel became trapped underneath the sea, Wes remaining on his own, and Fred and Gunn alone with Connor in the hotel.  Once Angel returns, he finds things worse than when he left.  Cordelia returns, but with no memory and a future that will bring forth the darkest season of Angel.  A creature known only as The Beast will arrive in the streets of L.A., but he is something that isn’t going to be easy to kill.  It manages to block out the sun, cause a rain of fire and forces the Fang Gang to bring forth Angelus.  But these are the first steps as to what is to come.  Cordelia has become pregnant with something that will end the world known as Jasmine.  When she gives birth, Jasmine will turn everyone into mindless slaves with no free will and Connor leading her troops.  It’ll be up to Angel and his friends to save the streets of L.A. before the entire world becomes destroyed by The Beast and it’s master, Jasmine.

4 x 1  Deep Down:  It has been three months since we last saw what happened to everyone at Angel Investigations.  Angel is still trapped beneath the sea and Cordelia is still a higher being.  Even though the gang no longer wants contact from Wesley, he hasn’t given up the mission and has Justine trapped in his apartment.  He forces her to help him find Angel, and when he does, Angel will confront Connor for what Connor did to him.

The episode picks up three months after the season 3 finale.  Angel is still trapped in the bottom of the ocean.  Fred and Gunn are the only two at the hotel, and when they find a lead from someone who saw what happened the night Angel disappeared, Connor kills the lead.  Even though Connor has remained a step ahead of Fred and Gunn, he hasn’t remained a step ahead of Wesley.  Wesley has had Justine trapped in his apartment all summer, and now Wes is using her to find Angel.  When he finds Angel, Angel hasn’t fed in three months and is severely out of it.  Wesley allows Angel to feed off of him, and returns him to Fred and Gunn.

This was a great season premier.  It is hard to believe a season could possibly be better than season 3 for Angel.  I had serious doubts all summer as to whether or not this season could come close, but with the way this season premier is, I do believe we are in store for another equally good season.

4 x 2  Ground State:  Angel has found the only way to find Cordelia, and that’s the Axis of Pythia.  Getting this Axis won’t be easy as Angel has to break inside a guarded vault to steal it.  As he breaks inside the vault, he discovers that someone else is trying to find this Axis as well, but this girl wants it for the money since it’s worth 33 million.  Getting the Axis of Pythia away from this girl isn’t going to be easy because she has the ability to electrocute anything she touches.

The episode opens in the year 1985 where we meet a girl named Gwen Raiden.  This girl is being sent to boarding school.  At the school, she places her hand on a boy’s hand and ends up electrocuting him.  We then cut to present day where Gwen is now a professional thief.  She is hired by a man to steal the Axis of Pythia.  Meanwhile, Angel pays Wes a visit and Wes tells him what he needs to do in order to find Cordelia.  He tells him to see a demon and she will tell him where to look.  Angel goes to meet this demon and it sends him to find the Axis of Pythia.  While trying to steal it, Angel runs into Gwen who electrocutes him and make his heart start to beat.

This was a good follow-up to the previous episode.  We are introduced to a new character named Gwen, who I’d like to see return for future episodes.  The next episode brings Lorne back.

4 x 3  The House Always Wins:  Angel, Fred, and Gunn decide to take a vacation to Las Vegas where they will see Lorne.  While on their trip they attend one of Lorne’s shows only to have him completely skip over them while they were there.  As Lorne continues to stay away from Angel, Fred, and Gunn it is discovered that Lorne is being held prisoner by the Casino Owner who wants Lorne to help him ruin everyone’s future.

The episode opens with Angel watching Connor stake a vampire.  Meanwhile, Cordelia gives a bit of a commentary while Angel watches Connor.  Soon, Angel decides to take a vacation.  Angel, Fred, and Gunn all go to Las Vegas where they see one of Lorne’s shows.  Lorne skips over them so they decide to see him after the show.  After the show Lorne just passes over them again and completely ignores them.  Once in Lorne’s room, the casino owner comes into Lorne’s room and makes Lorne tell him everyone’s future.  Inside the casino, as people begin to gamble they become mindless and addicted to gambling and now it has Angel.  Lorne must break away and help Angel and his friends before it’s too late and Angel’s fate is owned by the casino.

This was a bit more of an entertaining episode than the previous two.  The previous two were much darker whereas this one was brighter and brings back Lorne.  At first when we see Lorne ignoring everyone I was thinking that he has changed, but after discovering that he was a prisoner it was good to know that Lorne is still on Angel’s side.

4 x 4  Slouching Toward Bethlehem:  Cordelia has returned but she hasn’t returned alone.  She has no memory of where she has been these past three months or who she even is.  Angel is afraid to tell her what they do because it believes that it is rushing her into remembering things and it could harm her.  When Lorne reads Cordelia, he sees something terrible that is going to happen.

This was a good episode with Cordelia finally returning.  It was more like the first two episodes of this season compared to the one before it.  Connor saves Cordelia from a demon and kind of becomes her new protector as she decides to stay with him.  When Lorne finally discovers what Cordelia knows, Wolfram and Hart takes everything that Lorne learns about Cordelia’s last three months and leaves him.  Now, only Wolfram and Hart knows what is coming.

4 x 5  Supersymmetry:  When Fred gets an article published, she is invited to speak at a convention.  At the convention she is almost sucked into a portal.  Meanwhile, Fred learns that an old professor sent her to Pylea five years ago so she sets out to seek her vengeance.

The episode picks up where the previous one left off.  Cordelia is staying with Connor now.  Fred gets word of her article being published and is invited to speak at a convention.  At the convention, Wes decides to pay a visit while Gunn and Angel watch from the other side of the auditorium.  At the convention, a portal opens and a demon grabs Fred.  Once Fred learns that her old professor sent her to Pylea, she goes after that professor, but Gunn won’t allow her to become a murderer and he does something that will permanently damage their relationship.

This was a pretty good episode that mainly deals with Fred.  The final scene when Gunn, Fred, and the professor are in a room where a portal opens was very well done and quite surprising.  The next episode looks very good as well!

4 x 6  Spin the Bottle:  Lorne has found a spell that will give Cordelia her memory back.  They need six people to perform the spell.  Lorne, Fred, Gunn, Cordelia, Angel, and they call Wes to help.  Once together they begin the spell, but the spell has terrible consequences.  Each one of them are now back in their high school years.

The episode opens with Lorne giving a bit of a flashback as to the events that happen in this episode.  He is speaking at what appears to be a new night club.  Well, we start with Lorne finding a way to get Cordelia’s memory back, so they perform the spell.  Once the spell has been performed, everyone has resorted to their high school years.  Wesley, being a student at the Watcher’s Academy believes this is a test and that they must face down a vampire inside the hotel.  Gunn proves Wes’s theory since he has been fighting vampires since he was twelve.  Now, as Angel discovers that he is a vampire, he must find a way to make the others not notice, but when they find out he decides to get into the vampire idea and go after each one of them.

This episode reminded me much of the season 6 Buffy episode, Tabula Rasa when Tara performs a spell that makes everyone lose their memory.  Being written and directed by Joss Whedon, this was by far the best episode so far this season.  It was amusing to see Wes back to his old self from his Buffy days.  This season is turning out quite nicely.

4 x 7  Apocalypse, Nowish:  Strange things start to happen around L.A. with more and more people calling Angel Investigations about the strange occurrences.  Everything starts to fall into place once Cordelia gets a vision that her nightmares she’s been having are now coming true.  Cordelia and Connor go to where Connor was born and up from the ground rises this rock creature.  Wesley rejoins Angel and the gang and they go after this beast.

We pick up with Lorne wanting Angel to question what Cordelia saw when she was a higher being.  After Connor convinces him to talk to her, he discovers that Cordelia saw everything that Angel did as Angelus and felt the pleasure that Angelus felt when he tortured all those helpless victims.  Angel has a meeting with Lilah and she gives him all the paperwork they have on this new apocalypse that is coming.  Soon, when houses become infested with rats and birds start crashing into windows, Cordelia and Connor go to the place where Connor was born.  While there, a rock creature comes from underneath the ground.  Connor tries to fight it, but has no luck as it throws Connor around as if he were nothing.  After Angel decodes the messages Lilah gave him and Wesley returning, he offers Wesley to join them in the fight as they go after the cause of all these strange occurrences.  Once the Fang Gang arrives on a roof-top, they meet The Beast and see all the dead bodies lying on the floor.  They start to fight it with no luck and the Beast causes the sky to rain fire.

I loved the previous episode, but this one just completely blew it out of the water!  I don’t think I’ve seen an episode of Angel this good since the season one episode Hero.  The beginning was rather slow, but by the time all the strange occurrences start to happen, this episode really begins to shine.  The Beast is definitely one foe Angel and his crew will have trouble with this season.  With episodes like this, there is no doubt this season will be better than Season 3.

4 x 8  Habeas Corpses:  Connor goes to Wolfram and Hart to find answers as to why the Beast rose from the ground where he was born.  Once inside of Wolfram and Hart, he discovers that the Beast followed him inside and is killing everything that movies.  Once Angel finds out that Connor is trapped inside of Wolfram and Hart with the Beast he goes inside after him only to discover that all the dead lawyers are now coming back to life as flesh-eating zombeis.

We pick up right where the previous episode left off with Angel seeing Connor and Cordelia.  The next morning, Connor goes to Wolfram and Hart to find out answers about why he’s here and what he is.  After a brief talk with Lilah, the Beast arrives and starts killing everyone inside of Wolfram and Hart.  Wesley finds a way in and manages to get Lilah out of there.  Lilah then tells Wesley that Connor was still inside.  Wesley goes and tells Angel what happened and that Connor is inside.  Angel then gathers everyone up and they go inside of Wolfram and Hart to find Connor.  Once they find Connor they should make it out easily, but that doesn’t happen as all the dead lawyers start to come back as zombies and go after them.

This has been an amazing season of Angel so far.  This episode took a different direction for the show than the previous ones had.  This one makes the show much darker, more gory, and much more violent.  The zombies in this episode were very well done.  I haven’t seen something do zombies this well in a very long time.  This episode alone beats out quite a number of recent zombie films.

4 x 9  Long Day’s Journey:  The Beast’s plan is now revealed as it tracks down and kills all of these Totems who are members of a group called the Ra-Tet.  The little girl in the White Room at the end of the previous episode was part of this group.  Now, as the Beast kills each member, Angel and the crew now teamed with Gwen must protect the last member because if the Beast kills this member, it will block out the sun and turn the world into the Devil’s Playground.

We open with Lorne trying to cheer up Angel, but it doesn’t work.  When Cordelia gets a vision of the Beast she goes to see Angel.  Things aren’t going well until Gwen arrives at Angel Investigations.  She tells him how a client of hers was killed and that it had this light come out of him.  Wesley realizes now that he was part of the Ra-Tet and now there are only two members left.  Angel and Gwen decide to go and find the remaining members to keep them safe.  Once they arrive at a cave of one of the members, they discover it has been completely torn apart with its guts lying on the floor.  The last member of the Ra-Tet is in the cave and Angel takes him back to the hotel with them.  Gwen then decides they can keep him safe at her place, but once there someone decides to kill Mannie, the last member of the Ra-Tet, and now the Beast has everything it needs.  Angel and the gang goes to Connor’s place, where the Beast is already at.  They prepare to battle this Beast while Wesley and Fred try to find a way to send it to another dimension.

This was a great follow-up to the previous episode.  It wasn’t as violent as the previous one, but it was gory.  They seemed to have taken the gore limits of television to new standards with this episode.  That scene with the member of the Ra-Tet lying on the floor with his guts hanging out was gorier than some horror films.  It was great to finally see what the Beast’s plan was, and even better to see him actually block out the sun.

4 x 10   The Awakening:  With the Beast still out on the streets and the sun still blocked out, Angel and the crew have decided on the one way that they can get a hold of the Beast, and that is to bring back the monster that knew him before, Angelus.

We pick up right where the previous episode left off.  Everyone is wanting Angel to turn into Angelus so they can get some answers, but both Angel and Cordelia disagree to it because they know what Angelus is like.  Wesley meets up with a Shaman and hires him to extract Angel’s soul.  The Shaman looked much like the one in Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3, when Giles wanted the Shaman and Angel to play along so they could find out some secrets on the Ascension.  The Shaman begins forming the spell when he decides to kill Angel.  He pulls out a knife and proceeds to cut off Angel’s head.  Angel snaps the straps that hold him down off and catches the Shaman.  They then stop the Shaman and discover writing all over him.  Wesley translates it and they discover there is a sword that will kill the Beast.

I don’t want to go into any more detail because it could ruin this episode for you.  This was a very well made episode.  It wasn’t as graphically violent as the previous episodes have been, but it was very well written.  When we see Angelus return, we know things are going to get ugly from here on out.

4 x 11  Soulless:  Angel is gone and only Angelus remains.  Wes, Gunn, Cordelia, Fred, Lorne, and Connor have removed Angel’s soul, transforming him into his evil self, Angelus.  They have locked away Angel’s soul in a safe and now want answers from Angelus to learn how to stop the Beast.

We open with vampires moving in to Las Angeles since the sun has been blacked out.  Connor takes it upon himself to slay the new vampires that are coming to town.  We soon see Wesley lock away Angel’s soul in a safe.  Now everyone begins to question Angelus in hopes to learn of a way to stop the Beast.  Cordelia is the only one who can get through to him and they discover that the Beast was once banished by a group of priestesses.  Wes, Cordelia, and Connor go to the priestesses home, only to discover that they were already slaughtered a few days before by the Beast.

This was an amazing episode!  I noticed how Angelus kept giving reference to Shakespeare, but wasn’t Spike the one who was into that kind of stuff?  Anyway, this was a very good episode.  Each week they get better and better.  Next week looks even better with the preview saying that Angelus will escape and someone will die.  This season will only continue to get better.

4 x 12  Calvary:  Wesley discovers that everything about the Beast has been removed from their reality.  When Angel tells them that there’s something else controlling the Beast, something bigger and more powerful, they decide they need Angel back, and to do that they will have to perform a spell to restore his soul.  Little do they know, that Angel is planning on escaping from his cage, and when he does, everyone will be in danger and someone will die.

The episode opens right where the previous one left off.  Wesley, Gunn, Cordy and everyone are still trying to get answers from Angel.  As they watch on the surveillance camera, they notice someone go up to Angel’s cage.  This person happens to be Lilah.  They run Lilah off only to have Wesley chase after her.  This is when Lilah shows Wesley a book that has information on the Beast and that everything dealing with the Beast in their reality has been erased.  As they continue to question Angelus, he tells them that there is something bigger and more horrible controlling the Beast.  As the group gets together to perform a spell on Angelus to turn him back into Angel, he tricks them so that he can escape leading up to someone getting killed and an ending that is very shocking.

This season just keeps getting better and better with each episode.  We learn that the Beast isn’t just the big bad this season, not only does everyone have to worry about Angelus, but there is something bigger controlling the Beast.  This ending was very shocking and very surprising, especially seeing someone we’ve seen on the show for so long get killed off.  We now have to wait three weeks for the next new episode, but the next episode will feature the return of Faith.

4 x 13  Salvage:  Angelus is loose in the streets of L.A.  When everyone suspects him of killing Lilah, Wesley decides that he will need the help of someone else to capture Angelus, and that is Faith.  Faith is the vampire slayer, and she has been locked in prison for murder.  Wesley must help her get out and fight Angelus and The Beast.

We pick up right where the previous episode left off.  Angelus is walking through the hallway, still pursuing Lilah when he finds her corpse lying on the floor.  He decides to have himself a drink and as he does, Wes, Gunn, and Connor find him feeding off of Lilah’s corpse.  They run Angelus out of the hotel.  They aren’t sure if Angelus turned Lilah into a vampire, so Wes takes it upon himself to get rid of Lilah’s body.  He takes her into the basement, where he prepares to cut off her head.  While in the basement, Lilah comes back to him and talks with him about what has happened, and about Wesley’s life.  After a while of grieving, Wes cuts off Lilah’s head.  Wes then tells the crew that they need the help of someone else, and he sets out to get Faith out of prison.  We then see Faith at prison and another prisoner tries to attack Faith.  Faith easily beats the prisoner away.  Moments later, Wes arrives at the police station and Faith comes out to see him.  Wes tells Faith all that has happened and that Angelus is back.  After hearing this, Faith breaks out of jail and goes out to catch Angelus and kill the Beast.

I loved every minute of this episode.  This episode is the start of the crossover episodes.  Willow, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, will be returning in a few episodes and in this episode Angelus makes a call to Buffy’s home when he discovers that a slayer is in L.A.  He asks to speak with Buffy, and when he discovers that Buffy is in Sunnydale, he then realizes that it must be Faith.  I also couldn’t help but notice the similarity between Buffy’s big bad, The First Evil, and the way Lilah started to appear to Wes.  It was much like how the First Evil has been going after Buffy this entire season.  Faith makes a great return, and has a showdown with the Beast where only one of them will be able to walk away.  This was a great episode, but the idea of Cordelia being pregnant just doesn’t seem like that great of an idea.  I guess I will have to wait and see how that storyline goes.

4 x 14  Release:  The Beast’s former master, evil Cordelia, is now trying to connect with Angelus so that he can do her killing.  Angelus tries to find out some information on the master, so he attacks Fred at the hotel.  Meanwhile, Faith and Wesley go after Angelus to bring him down.

The episode picks up right where the previous one left off.  Wesley takes Faith to his home so that Faith can clean herself off.  She is covered in blood and pretty beat up.  After a shower, she is ready to help out more.  Meanwhile, Angelus is in a bar when he starts to hear things.  A voice comes into his head and tells him to join the master.  Angelus begins to talk to himself and he wants to learn who was controlling the Beast.  We then cut to Cordelia.  She is holding Angel’s soul in her hands and talking to Angelus.  Connor walks in and Cordelia stops talking to Angelus.  Cordelia tells Connor that now that they are going to have a baby together, he has to watch over the both of them.  Later on, Cordelia continues to talk to Angelus, so he goes to the hotel to try and find out who’s controlling the Beast.  Faith and Wesley go after Angelus, leaving Faith bitten by Angelus.

This was a good continuation of the previous episode.  When Cordelia started talking to Angelus through her demon voice, it kind of threw the episode off.  It did end on a perfect note with Angelus biting Faith.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens now.  Next week’s episode looks great with Willow, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, joining the crew.

4 x 15  Orpheus:  After Angelus bites Faith, he discovers that her blood was poisoned by a drug called Orpheus.  This drug effects both the one injected, and the one who bites.  They are both knocked into a coma, forcing both Faith and Angelus to witness the good deeds of Angel.  Meanwhile, Fred calls Willow so that she can get Angel’s soul back.

The episode picks up right where the previous one left off with Angelus biting Faith.  They both then fall back and go unconscious.  Wesley brings both Faith and Angelus back to the hotel.  He places Faith in one of the rooms and chains Angelus in the basement.  Faith and Angelus then start to witness all the good deeds of Angelus, including him saving a puppy.  Back at the hotel, the gang is trying to find a way to get Angel’s soul back, when Willow shows up.  It turns out Fred gave Willow a call and asked her for help.  Willow then performs a spell and Evil Cordelia tries her best to stand in the way.  When Cordelia discovers that she isn’t going to beat Willow, she sends Connor to kill Angelus.

This was a really good episode.  It was great to see Willow helping them out.  With her being on this episode, I really noticed for the first time just how much Fred is like Willow.  I’m still not sure how well I like the idea of Cordelia being evil though.  I will still continue to see how it plays out.

4 x 16  Players:  Angel is back and now his crew are trying to figure out who the Beast’s master is.  Cordelia has a surprise for everyone as she shows them her and Connor’s secret.  Gwen returns and requests the help of Gunn to save a girl that she got kidnapped.

The episode picks up right where the previous one left off with Cordelia walking down the stairs and showing everyone that she’s pregnant.  Connor and Cordelia get angry with everyone because of the way they react.  With Cordelia becoming eight months pregnant overnight, they expect the baby will arrive any day now.  Soon, Gwen returns and asks for Gunn’s help in rescuing a girl from a man’s home.  She tells him that she was stealing something from one set of people, and in return the other group kidnapped the a little girl and are planning to kill her.  Once inside the party to save the girl, Gwen makes a scene and Gunn tries to rescue the girl.  Meanwhile, Lorne goes on a mission that will allow him to read people again, leading up an ending that is very unexpected.

I have loved every episode this season and when I discovered that Cordelia was going to become pregnant, I thought this would start to resemble season 3 with the Connor story arcs.  Instead, this one is going in the opposite direction.  Also, this episode brought back a side of Gunn we haven’t seen since season 2, maybe season 3.  He was a fighter in this episode as the episode mainly centered around him.  I really like the character of Gwen and I would like it if she decided to become a regular cast member.  Andy Hallett, who plays Lorne, has finally made it into the opening credits.  The ending of this episode was excellent, and I’m definitely looking forward to see next week’s episode.

4 x 17  Inside Out:  Now that Angel and the crew know that Cordelia has turned evil, Angel seeks out answers from a demon named Skip.  Meanwhile, Cordelia and Connor go into hiding and Cordelia gets Conner to gather up some ingredients so that they can force the baby to be born.  Connor gets a vision from Darla, who tries to give him some advice about what to do.

The episode picks up right where the previous one left off with Angel and the gang ambushing Cordelia as she tries to kill Lorne.  Before they can do anything, Connor jumps in and runs away with Cordelia.  Connor makes sure that Angel can’t follow him.  Angel then goes into another dimension and runs into Skip, the demon from season 3 who was Cordelia’s guide.  Angel has a talk with Skip and wants to find out some answers, but Skip isn’t as welcoming as he was in the past.  Angel and Skip get into a fight and Angel brings Skip back to the Earth dimension and traps him inside.  While on Earth, Skip tells Angel that he must kill Cordelia or else the baby will be born and when it does, the world will end.  Now Angel must make the decision of sacrificing Cordelia to save the world, or allow the baby to be born.  Meanwhile, Connr gathers up ingredients so that the baby can be born quicker.  Darla arrives and tries to convince Connor to stop helping Cordelia.  He doesn’t listen and he helps Cordelia with the birth of the end of the world.

This was another excellent episode.  The final scene is amazing and definitely leaves you wanting more.  I was at first wondering if having Cordelia pregnant on the show would hurt it because of the plot twists and all, but it doesn’t hurt it one bit.  This was a pretty important episode to the season and it definitely leaves you wanting to see what happens next week.

4 x 18  Shiny Happy People:  Cordelia’s baby, Jasmine, has been born and it’s fully grown.  As soon as someone lays eyes upon Jasmine, they immediately become loyal disciples.  When Fred sees something that makes her change her mind of Jasmine, all of her friends are now against her and want to kill her.  Now Fred is on the run with no one to help her.

The episode picks up right where the previous episode left off with Jasmine being born.  When Angel and Connor lay eyes upon her, they immediately become loyal disciples and do everything she tells them.  They bring her back to the hotel, along with Cordelia.  Cordelia remains in a coma after giving birth.  Once at the hotel, everyone sees Jasmine and immediately fall in love with her.  Jasmine tells them that she wants them to help her rid the world of evil.  Their first mission is in a bowling alley where they kill a number of vampires.  Jasmine is attacked, but Angel saves her life.  Fred takes it as her fault since Jasmine was attacked.  Angel soon chases down the vampire who attacked Jasmine, and it leads to everyone witnessing a vampire being dusted.  Everyone is starting to panic until Jasmine arrives and they all begin to worship her.  While outside, someone sees something evil in Jasmine and he attacks her.  Angel saves Jasmine’s life again and stops the man.  Soon, as Fred tries to clean Jasmine’s shirt from the blood stain, she goes to bring Jasmine a new one, but when she arrives she sees an evil side of Jasmine and now everyone is against her.

One thing about this season is that it is always changing.  We had the bloodbath at the beginning of the season when The Beast was around.  Then we got the return of Angelus as well as Faith and we met evil Cordelia.  Now we get a new turn now that Cordelia’s baby has arrived.  Jasmine was a pretty cool character.  I loved how Fred was the one who saw the evil in her.  The scene where she sees Jasmine’s attacker in the hospital was quite chilling.  Next week’s episode looks even better since Angel is going to see Jasmine’s dark side as well.

4 x 19  The Magic Bullet:  Fred has gone on the run now that Jasmine has full control over Angel and the gang.  She uses them to allow herself to reach into the minds of everyone in the town, and they are now able to see Fred.  If anyone runs into Fred, they will try to capture her so that they can bring her to Jasmine.  When Fred discovers the way to undo Jasmine’s spell, she breaks the spell on Angel so that he can see the truth.  Now, with only Fred and Angel against everyone in L.A., they have to find a way of getting their group back on their side.

The episode opens very differently from most Angel episodes.  It’s bright and happy.  We then see Fred running through the streets and Wes and Gunn chasing after her.  She manages to escape and they go back to the hotel.  While at the hotel, Jasmine gets Angel, Lorne, Wes, Gunn, and Connor to join hands with her and they are able to see where Fred goes.  They track her down and use everyone around her to attack her.  Fred manages to escape and ends up in a demon’s lair where the demon, who confesses to be a vegetarian, has other plans for Fred.  Once she leaves there, she ends up at a mind reading shop and Angel, Jasmine, and Connor arrive.  Fred figures out a way to break Angel free from Jasmine’s spell, so he shoots a bullet through Jasmine and it ends up in Angel.  This causes Angel to see Jasmine’s true face, and he is now helping Fred.  Once back at the hotel, Jasmine tells everyone that Angel has become infected too.  Now, Angel and Fred must find a way to break Jasmine’s spell on everyone else.

This was a great continuation of the previous episode.  At first, the episode seemed so different with how happy it was at the beginning, but that quickly changed.  Once Fred manages to get Angel on her side, this episode picks up a great deal and really leaves you wanting to know what’s going to happen next.  I was very shocked to see the cure not work on Connor.

4 x 20  Sacrifice:  Now that Wes, Gunn, and Lorne also see the truth about Jasmine, they are forced into hiding.  Jasmine sends out an army of slaves, lead by a very angry Connor, to find all of the Fang Gang.  Angel, Fred, Lorne, Gunn, and Wes end up in the sewers where they run into a group of kids who have been living there since the sun had blacked out, but now there is a demon in the sewers who says he loved Jasmine first and wants to kill all the humans down there so that he can be back with Jasmine.

The episode picks up right where the previous one left off with Connor screaming out to everyone in the hotel that Angel and crew is here.  Angel then shuts the door on Connor and Connor tries to break in.  Once he gets in, he and Angel get into a fight where Angel throws him around and they both go flying out a window.  Meanwhile, the rest of the crew use this as their advantage to escape from the hotel as they leave through the fire escape.  Angel leaves a badly wounded Connor alone in the alley as he climbs into the car with his friends and they try to leave the city.  They begin to run out of gas so Wes pulls into a gas station and starts to fill up.  While there, a group of Jasmine followers see them and they attack them, looking to kill.  Angel and his friends manage to escape and they go into the sewers, where no one saw them go in.  While down there, they run into some kids, who are what is left of Gunn’s old gang.  They tell Gunn about how when the sun blacked out they tried to hold off the vampires, but didn’t have much chance as they took their crew apart.  Now there is a demon in the sewers and it has been killing off each one of them.  Angel decides to get rid of this demon, so they all go in search for it.  They soon find it, and one of the young boys sees Angel’s vampire face and runs towards the higher ground.  Gunn and Fred go chasing after him.  Wes is taken away by the demon, and Angel goes after him.  While Wes is imprisoned by the demon, he discovers how this demon loved Jasmine long before the humans did.  He is horrified that they would name her the name, Jasmine.  This is when Wes learns that Jasmine can’t hear her true name and that there is a blue orb that sends someone into the world of the demon and there Jasmine’s true name can be found.  Gunn and Fred eventually find Mathew, the boy who ran away, up above ground.  He doesn’t want to listen to them so Gunn knocks him out.  Gunn and Fred take him back into the sewers.  Once there, the boy wakes back up, under Jasmine’s spell, and in Jasmine’s voice tells them to kill everyone else down there.  Lorne, Fred, and Gunn make a run for it.  Angel eventually finds the demon and kills it.  Lorne, Fred, and Gunn find Angel and Wes in a room and they barricade themselves in as Connor and an army of Jasmine followers have found them in the sewers.  Wes uses the orb to create a portal to the demons world and tells Angel that he must go because the atmosphere would kill anyone living.  Angel then makes the decision to leave his friends to save the world.  As he goes through the portal, the door bursts open with Connor and his army standing behind it.  Lorne, Fred, Gunn, and Wes prepare for the final battle as they start the attack.

After viewing this episode it left me only wanting to see what is going to happen next week!  This was by far the most entertaining and suspenseful episode of the Jasmine story arc.  The final scene was excellent as Angel leaves earth and enters another world only to be attacked by thousands of demons.  Meanwhile, leaving his friends to face on Connor.  Fred has really changed throughout the course of this season.  She is no longer the scared crazy girl.  Now she is a very skilled fighter, and she shows that in this episode.  There are only two more episodes left this season.  I thought that no season of Angel could top season 3, but this year has proven me wrong.

4 x 21  Peace Out:  Angel has left his friends to go into another dimension, a dimension that has loved Jasmine for thousands of years.  Inside this dimension he must battle a fierce creature that will only speak Jasmine’s true name with it’s last breath.  Meanwhile, Connor has locked Wesley, Gunn, Fred, and Lorne in the cell that that Angelus was trapped in earlier in the season.  Connor goes in search for Cordelia while Jasmine plans on making her broadcast to the entire world and start a world dominance.

The episode picks up right where the previous one ended with Angel entering the new dimension.  He raises up the orb that sent him there and it scares off all the demons that were surrounding him.  Angel then sees a temple on the top of a mountain and makes his way towards it.  Meanwhile in the sewers, Wes, Gunn, Fred, and Lorne are battling an army of Jasmine followers and Connor.  Connor wants to kill them all, but Jasmine tells him to bring them to her alive.  Once back at the hotel, the Fang gang are locked in a prison and Jasmine prepares to broadcast to the entire world her power.  Connor guards the Fang gang only to have them get to him.  It turns out Connor has known Jasmine’s true face the entire time as he says “I’ve seen what she really looks like, and she’s beautiful.”  Soon, Wes puts the thought of Jasmine eating Cordelia in Connor’s mind and he decides to go in search for Cordelia.  Connor eventually threatens some of Jasmine’s followers and they tell him where to find Cordelia.  Connor finds Cordelia in an abandoned church and he stays with her.  Soon, Angel returns just as Jasmine makes her debut on national TV.  As Angel returns he lifts the Keeper’s head and let’s it give its last breath and speak Jasmine’s true name.  As Jasmine’s true name is spoken, her true face is revealed to everyone and they are all set free from Jasmine.

This was an excellent episode!  It played as if it were a season finale.  Next week looks even better!  Wolfram and Hart have returned, but I hope that Gavin doesn’t return.  I also liked seeing that scene that shows Angel looking at sunlight.  It kind of would make sense if Angel is human since Jasmine made mention of the prophecy that was established in Season 1, and her referring to this apocalypse as being the one prophesized.  Anyway, this was a great episode, and next week looks even better!  Also, I loved the Miracles reference they put in this episode.

4 x 22  Home:  Angel has won, but at terrible costs.  Jasmine was killed at the hands of Connor, leaving Connor to become dead inside.  Now Connor has taken people inside a grocery store hostage.  Meanwhile, Angel and the gang get an offer they can’t refuse, full control over Wolfram and Hart.  With the chance to have everything the gang has always wanted, will they accept?

The episode picks up right where the previous one left off with Lilah returning.  Lilah then offers everyone in the Fang Gang an opportunity to take control of Wolfram and Hart.  There is no trick to this decision because the senior partners have decided that Angel has already become on their side by ending world peace.  Now, they are giving Angel Wolfram and Hart, well the L.A. division.  Everyone reports to Angel, Fred is in charge of the science department, Wesley has the keys to every book that ever existed in the occult, Gunn is taken to the White Room, and Lorne is the head of the entertainment department.  Meanwhile, Cordelia will recieve the best of care until she recovers from her coma.  Angel is hesitant to take the job until he learns of a way that he can save Connor.  Meanwhile, Lilah gives Angel a file on Sunnydale where his help is needed.  Wes tries to free Lilah’s soul, but it is of no use.  When Lilah shows Angel where Connor is, Angel goes out to save Connor and help him have the life he deserves.

This was quite possibly the best season finale of Angel.  The first season we get Angel discovering that he will eventually become human, the second season ends with Angel learning of Buffy’s death.  Season 3 ends with Angel sinking to the bottom of the ocean.  Now we get an ending where Angel has won, but the costs are very high.  He will be able to save his son, but he will have to suffer the pain of Connor forever.

When this season first started, my expectations were somewhat low.  The first season of Angel was really good, season 2 was rather weak, but still a good season.  Season 3 is when Angel really took off and I had my doubts that they could follow up with a season that could compare to that one.  Well, surprisingly my expectations were very wrong.  Angel Season 4 completely blew Season 3 out of the water.  We are treated to a much darker season, but not one that could be compared to Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s dark season 6.  Instead we get a violent scene where Angel and the crew are forced to face very dangerous enemies like The Beast, the return of Angelus, Evil Cordelia, and Jasmine.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer is ending after its current seventh season.   Angel on the other hand, yet still hasn’t been renewed, has pretty much gave a better ending than Buffy has given.  Angel hasn’t been cancelled yet, but it has tied together every season it has had yet, right up from Buffy Season 3 when Angel returns from a hell dimension.  After the apocalypse has ended, Angel has won my gaining everything he would need and running Wolfram and Hart.  The Angel Season finale really could be considered in two episodes, Peace Out, where Jasmine is defeated, or Home, which is the true Season finale.  The only reason for this is because Home takes Angel into a new direction for the show.  It’s more of a pilot for Season 5.  This season had its very own memorable moments.  It introduces us to the character of Gwen, who I hope will stick around for next season.  We also get such classic episodes as Apocalypse Nowish, Habeas Corpses, which was one of the most violent episodes ever on Angel and had better zombies than most zombie films.  Those are just a few episodes to mention, but there never was a bad episode this season.  There were so many story arcs, but they tied together perfectly.  I doubt that we have seen the last of Connor.  Angel Season 5 will have some very difficult competition as it’s now competing with both Angel season 3, and now the best season of Angel yet, Season 4.  I give this season a perfect 10 out of 10.

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