Angel:Season 2Angel Season 2 picks up right where the previous season left off. Wolfram and Hart raised Darla, the vampire who sired Angel, from Hell in the box at the end of season 1. Wolfram and Hart use her to make Angel go bad, but it only brings him to a darker side of himself once Darla is turned back into a vampire. Now he will stop at nothing to bring down Wolfram and Hart and stop Darla.

2 x 1 Judgement: Angel is sent to protect a pregnant girl from a demon. When he arrives the demon attacks him and Angel kills the demon. Soon, Angel discovers that the demon he killed was actually protecting the girl from a group called the Tribunal. Now Angel must take over as protector of this girl so that he can face the challenges that the demon was supposed to face, and save the girl’s life.

We pick up with us being introduced to a new character who is still a member on Angel. His name is Lorne and he is a demon who can read people’s futures if they sing. He gives us a brief commentary as we start the episode. We then find our heroes from the first season. Cordelia is trying out for another acting job when she gets paged by Angel. Wesley is in a bar throwing darts when he is paged. The three end up meeting at a sports gym where they discover a sacrifice taking place and attempt to stop it. Later on Cordelia gets a vision of a demon that is trying to kill a woman. Angel goes after the demon, and the demon attacks Angel. Angel kills the demon and finds out that this demon was the woman’s protector. Now Angel goes for the help of Gunn and now must protect this woman as something known as the Tribunal plans on taking the woman’s life.

This was a really good way to start the second season. We are introduced to two new characters, Lorne and Merle. Merle will remain on the show and Angel will get information from him through season 3. As for Lorne, he will continue to make guest appearances until Season 4 where he becomes a member in Angel’s group. The opening scene reminded me much of the opening scene from the first season, but I liked that staking a bit better. Still, this was a solid episode and a very nice way to start off the second season.

2 x 2 Are You Now, Or Have You Ever Been: Angel tells Wesley and Cordelia to figure out what went on at a hotel while he tries to raise the demon that has been living in the hotel for the past fifty years. Angel doesn’t tell his crew, but he is connected to the hotel more than they would expect. Angel begins to look back into his past where he met a girl at that hotel, and when the demon first rose, how it goes after everyone in the hotel.

We start with Angel telling Cordelia and Wesley to try and figure out some information on the hotel while Angel goes to investigate it. While Angel is investigating the hotel, he begins to remember things that happened fifty years ago. Angel meets a woman named Judy who tells him that she must hide from her boyfriend. A man knocks on Angel’s door and tells him to let the girl out. Angel tells him to leave and the guy pulls a gun on Angel. Angel then knocks the guy out. Later on Judy tells Angel that the man wasn’t her boyfriend, instead he was a cop who was looking for Judy because Judy had stolen some money. Soon, people start to kill themselves in the hotel and the police arrives. The same policeman who was after Judy earlier arrives looking for her. When all the people in the hotel see Judy, they try to turn her over, but Judy tells them that Angel did it because she was in his room and saw blood. They go after Angel, and hang him. The demon then shows himself to Angel and Angel makes a decision that will alter the lives of everyone in the hotel.

This has always been an episode that I can remember very vividly. Maybe it’s because it is the first episode where we get a glimpse of Angel not trying to save anyone. The episode is very good, and the climax is definitely worth checking. Also, once the demon is removed from the hotel, the hotel will become the new home for Angel Investigations.

2 x 3 First Impressions: Cordelia gets a vision that Gunn may be in trouble. She tries to contact Angel, but Angel cannot answer the phone because he has been sleeping a lot lately due to the fact that Darla is haunting his dreams. She takes it upon herself to look after Gunn as he prepares to face a deadly demon.

The episode opens with Angel dreaming of Darla. Soon we see Gunn at the hotel trying to get Angel’s help. Everyone goes and meets a guy who is linked with a demon. Vampires attack them and everyone is trying to heal their wounds. They all lean against a car and wonder why three vampires were so difficult. We soon learn that because of Darla visiting Angel’s dreams, she is making him weaker. Soon we see Cordelia and she gets a vision that Gunn is in trouble. She cannot get in touch with Angel or Wesley so she goes to help Gunn. Gunn and Cordelia go to a party where a group of vampires attack. Soon, Angel and Wesley arrive to help Gunn and Cordelia as they face the deadly demon.

This was a pretty good episode. I really didn’t remember it until I just recently saw it again. Either it has been so long since I’ve seen this episode and I couldn’t remember it, or I have never seen it. Anyway, this was a pretty good episode and its good to see that Wesley and Cordelia are much better fighters than they were last season.

2 x 4 Untouched: Cordelia gets a vision of a young girl being attacked by two men in an alley. She tells Angel and Angel runs out the door to save the girl. Once he’s gone Cordelia realizes that Angel will be too late, but not for the girl, for the attackers. This girl, named Bethany, has a unique ability to move things with her mind and Wolfram and Hart wants her on their side. Angel sees this lost soul and must try to get her to trust him instead of allowing Wolfram and Hart to get ahold of her.

Cordelia gets a vision of a young girl in trouble and Angel goes to rescue her. When he arrives in the alley where the girl was supposed to be, he sees police cars everywhere and two men, the would be attackers, smashed against a wall by a dumpster. Angel soon finds the girl in an abandoned building. He tries to help the girl, but she stabs a crowbar through his chest. When she discovers that he is still alive, Angel gives her his card and tells her that he is like her, unlike everyone else, and can help her. The next day Bethany arrives at Angel’s hotel and they begin to work on her controlling her gift. Wolfram and Hart have other plans for Bethany, leading up to a very explosive climax.

This was a very good episode. Angel Season 2 is really turning out to be a good season. This was one episode that is very easy to remember. If only Bethany would have returned for later episodes, she could have become very helpful to Angel Investigations.

2 x 5 Dear Boy: Angel’s dreams of Darla are beginning to end as he runs into a woman who looks and smells like Darla. Angel is sure that this is Darla, and she is what Wolfram and Hart raised out of the box. The woman insists that she doesn’t know Darla and that Angel is a stalker. Kate returns and is on the look out for Angel because he is stalking Darla. Angel continues to go after Darla, knowing that she is the Darla he knows, the only problem is that Darla is now human.

The episode opens with Angel falling asleep and having yet another dream of Darla. Cordelia then gets a vision of a demon. Angel and the gang go after the demon and kill it. After they kill it, Angel decides to walk home, this is when he runs into Darla. He sees her at a part and he goes after her. He never does get a hold of her, but is positive that that is her. Later on, Angel is hired to investigate a man’s cheating wife. While he is gathering information on the woman, he runs into Darla again. He goes up to her and starts to harass her, but she runs away and goes out of the restaurant and into direct sunlight. Angel is sure that she is Darla, but she is now human. He goes to her home, where he sees her fake husband. Darla then stages for the husband to get killed and frames Angel. Angel kidnaps Darla and Kate goes to investigate. This is when Darla reveals to Angel Wolfram and Hart’s plan.

This was a pretty good episode. It was much darker than the previous episodes and it shows us a glimpse of Angel’s bad side, even with a soul. Darla wants her old Angelus back, and she is slowly bringing him back. This is an episode that is much like those of last season, and all the ones up to this point, as well as showing us what is to come with future episodes.

2 x 6 Guise Will Be Guise: When Angel gets called to meet a Shaman, a client goes to Angel Investigations and threatens Cordelia if she can’t get Angel to help him. Wesley tells the guy that he’s Angel, so that the man won’t kill Cordelia. Wesley, in the disguise of Angel, must now protect a very wealthy man’s daughter, but her father has other things in mind once his fiftieth birthday grows near.

A man walks into Angel Investigations and requests Angel’s help. Angel is away with Gunn trying to track down what Wolfram and Hart are doing with Darla. Wesley is the only one at the hotel and tells the man that Angel will return later. The man doesn’t want to listen to that so he leaves. Wesley and Cordelia decide to go after Angel and Wolfram and Hart. They pretend to be lawyers and sneak in to find Angel. Later, Angel and the gang go to the karaoke bar and get Lorne to read Angel. Lorne tells Angel to go to a shaman’s place and he can learn all he needs there. While Angel is away, another man comes in requesting Angel’s help. He puts Cordelia to gun point and Wesley decides to place on Angel’s jacket and pretends to be Angel. They take Wesley to a mansion and tell him to guard Mr. Bryce’s daughter. Once they discover that Wesley is not Angel, they throw him back, and Mr. Bryce prepares to sacrifice his daughter to a demon.

This was a pretty good episode. It deals more with Wesley than it does with anyone else. Wesley is becoming a better fighter with each episode. It’s episodes like this that will show how Wesley will become in later seasons. This season is definitely starting out great.

2 x 7 Darla: Wolfram and Hart decide to pull the plug on the Darla project and kill Darla off. Lindsay starts to develop feelings for Darla and won’t allow it, so he seeks the help of Angel in hopes of saving Darla. Meanwhile, Darla looks back into her past as to when she was turned and how she terrorized towns with Angelus, Drusilla, and Spike.

The episode opens with Darla laying in a bed very sick. A man walks in with a hood over his face and requests to be left alone with Darla, saying that he can help her. He removes his hood and reveals that he is the master vampire. He then grants Darla eternal life. Meanwhile in present day, Angel tries to find out where Wolfram and Hart has taken Darla and Darla continues to think about the past. Darla’s soul is eating away at her so she smashes all the mirrors on her room, so that she doesn’t have to see herself in them. Soon, Darla realizes what she wants, and that’s for Angel to make her like she was, a vampire.

This was a pretty good episode. We get to see more of a flashback into the past of Darla and Angel for most of the episode. It is always good to see what went on, but most of the time when they do episodes like this, they show the same scenes they either showed on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or in previous episodes. Anyway, the ending was pretty good and it’ll lead up to future storylines.

2 x 8 The Shroud of Rahmon: When Gunn’s cousin is in trouble and is forced to be a driver for a robbery of an ancient shroud, Gunn and Angel decide to go undercover to stop the demons who are after this shroud. Gunn poses as his cousin and Angel poses as the vampire they were supposed to use. As they go on with their mission and go after the shroud, they discover that the shroud makes people act different and become very violent.

We open with Wesley being questioned by the police. He then takes us back to where it all began with Gunn’s cousin getting into trouble and Gunn and Angel deciding to help him out. Wesley and Cordelia try to discover what a group of demons are planning to steal while Gunn and Angel go undercover to stop the crime. Soon, Kate discovers what is going on and goes after Angel. While on the mission of stealing a shroud called, The Shroud of Rahmon, everyone in the group starts to go crazy. Meanwhile, Wesley and Cordelia go after them and once inside the museum, they begin to lose their minds as well.

This was a pretty good episode that features Tony Todd as one of the demons. Gunn and Angel seem to have quite a bit of tension among each other and the shroud brings it out of them, whether it to be true that they don’t like each other or not, this brings up some interesting questions that should be answered in the next few episodes.

2 x 9 The Trial: Darla discovers that her new life won’t last much longer because she is dying of the thing that was killing her before she was turned into a vampire. Now she wants to find a vampire who will change her back. Meanwhile, Angel tries to help her realize that she has been given a second chance at life and that she should make the most of it. He goes through a trial and if he passes, Darla will be cured of her illness.

The episode opens with Holland Manners giving Darla a file containing all the details on her illness. Meanwhile, Angel is still trying to track down Darla. He traces her to a motel and finds her going into bars trying to find a vampire who will turn her back. Angel takes Darla to see Lorne, and he tells Angel that to save Darla he must go on a trial that will determine the lives of both of them, he accepts and now must face a trial that consists of three parts, the only problem is that no one has passed the first part.

This was a pretty good episode and you start to see Darla accept her fate and meet with redemption. Sadly, for Darla, Wolfram and Hart have something else in store for Darla, and that is to use Drusilla to turn her back into a vampire. I enjoyed this episode and liked seeing the character study on Darla.

2 x 10 Reunion: Darla and Drusilla are back together and wreaking havoc throughout the streets of L.A. Angel is remaining a step behind these two, having to clean up their mess. Now that Wolfram and Hart have succeeded in turning Darla back into a vampire, Angel is becoming more in touch with his dark side.

We pick up right where the previous episode left off with Darla being turned into a vampire. Drusilla takes Darla to a place so that she can be reborn. Angel goes back to the hotel, barely able to speak, and decides that he will stake Darla before she turns back into a vampire. He goes after her but is too late. She rises and her and Darla go on a killing spree of L.A., leading up to Holland’s mansion.

The final scene of this episode was brilliantly made. Seeing Angel tell Holland, “And I just can’t seem to care.” and allowing a massacre to take place just shows how Angel has now been pushed over the edge. He couldn’t save Darla, and now he’s starting to become darker, which leads up to him secluding himself from his friends.

2 x 11 Redefinition: Darla and Drusilla has killed a number of members to Wolfram and Hart. Everyone at Holland Manners’s party was murdered by those two, except for two lawyers. Those two lawyers who survived are Lindsay and Lilah. Now Darla and Drusilla are preparing to gather a group of demons to help her in taking over L.A. Now that Angel is alone, he begins to hunt these two down. Meanwhile, Wesley, Cordelia, and Gunn all group together and continue their mission that they started, even without Angel.

We pick up right where the previous episode left off, with Angel leaving Darla and Drusilla to kill everyone at Holland’s party and Angel firing his crew. Wesley, Cordelia, and Gunn end up meeting at Lorne’s karaoke bar in hopes of guidance. The only thing they discover is that they must continue on with their mission, even if Angel has decided not to. Darla and Drusilla gather up a group of demons and host try-outs to join their crew. Angel sets out to kill each of the demons before Darla and Drusilla get to them. Lilah and Lindsay are offered partnership in taking over Holland’s job.

You can tell that this season is much darker than the previous season. Last season, Angel seemed to be a darker show than Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but it had a crime drama feel to it. This season, the crime drama feel has left the show, and it’s become even darker, especially now that we are seeing Angel not quite Angelus, but not caring for others.

2 x 12 Blood Money: Angel begins to investigate a orphanage when he discovers that Wolfram and Hart is planning a charity ball for them. He starts to stalk the lady who runs it, named Anne. While Angel tries to let Anne know about Wolfram and Hart, they hire a demon named Boone who wants to finish a fight that was started years ago with Angel.

Now that Wesley, Cordelia, and Gunn are on their own, they have somewhat started their own agency. Cordelia gets a vision of a huge demon, and Gunn and Wesley go to kill it. Meanwhile, Angel is out walking when he bumps into a girl named Anne. She is carrying cloths for the children at an orphanage. When she drops them, Angel helps her pick them up. Later on we discover that Angel is stalking her because of her affiliation with Wolfram and Hart. Lindsay notices what Angel is doing and tries to step in the way. A character named Boone arrives in L.A. and wants to finish a fight he started years before, so Lindsay and Lilah offer to help him. As a charity ball comes near, Angel decides that he must get inside so that he can uncover Wolfram and Hart for what they truly are.

You all may remember the character of Anne. She was first introduced in Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 2, in the episode, “Lie to Me.” She was wanting to become a vampire. We won’t see her character again until the first episode of Season 3, titled “Anne,” where she will help Buffy and eventually take on the name of Anne. She has been trying to get her life together, and has now come back to these shows in Angel. It would be nice to see her around in more episodes.

2 x 13 Happy Anniversary: A young scientist and his girlfriend are preparing to celebrate their one year anniversary. After doing so, the girlfriend is planning on ending their relationship. When the young scientist discovers what she is planning to do, he plans on freezing their moments together forever. Lorne discovers what this boy’s plan is and knows that it will backfire and as a result freeze the entire world. Therefore, Angel and Lorne must now try and stop this scientist from ending the world.

The episode opens with us seeing Wesley, Cordelia, and Gunn in their new office. They are trying to get everything working when they discover that they have no phone and no power. Virginia pays them a visit and tells them she has a case for them with some very wealthy clients. Meanwhile, at the hotel Angel is awakened by Lorne singing. Lorne tells him about what he saw at his night club and that this boy was going to end the world. Lorne and Angel then go on a search trying to find this guy before he ends the world. Soon, they discover that there are a pack of demons who are trying to backfire this scientists work.

This was always a pretty memorable episode. I remember when I first saw season 2 of Angel, I was rather disappointed. Maybe it was because it was playing right after Buffy Season 5, and that season was much better. But revisiting this season and watching it without any other show, I’ve noticed that the episodes are better than I thought they were. They are still very dark episodes, and it’ll be good once Angel returns to his group.

2 x 14 The Thin Dead Line: It’s Maniac Cop meets Night of the Living Dead when someone is raising dead cops from their graves and making them go after the innocent. Angel sets out to find the one responsible, while Gunn, Cordelia, and Wesley try to help Anne and her kids at the homeless shelter, leaving Wesley seriously injured when he has a run in with a zombie cop.

The episode opens with Wesley, Cordelia, and Gunn getting a new case of a young girl who has grown a third eye in the back of her head. Wesley and Cordelia try and track down what the cause of it is and how to get rid of it. Meanwhile, Anne pays a visit to Angel investigations when her kids complain of cops attacking them. She tells Gunn about the crazed cops and he tries to do something crazy, and that is get a video tape of a cop attacking him. Later, Angel has a run in with one of the cops and kicks the cop’s head off. The cop’s head continues to talk and this is when he discovers that they are zombies. He goes to Kate for help. Wesley tries to find Gunn, while Gunn is on his mission of video taping the cop, and as a result gets shot in the stomach.

This is quite a memorable episode. In season 4, they will have an episode that does zombies better, more of a Romero style, but right now this episode was quite entertaining. It has always reminded me of Maniac Cop meets Night of the Living Dead.

2 x 15 Reprise: Angel discovers that Wolfram and Hart are planning on having a meeting with one of the senior partners, which is a demon. Angel wants to kill this demon so he seeks the help of someone who helped him years ago. That character was the same bookkeeper from episode 2 of this season. Anyway, Angel must get inside of Wolfram and Hart and stop this big bad from brewing.

The episode opens with Angel stopping two guys from doing a sacrifice. After he stops them, he seeks the help of Lorne to discover what Wolfram and Hart are planning. When Angel arrives at Lorne’s bar, he discovers a group of Wolfram and Hart lawyers there. When Angel discovers their plan, he heads to a bookkeepers shop and gets a glove that will allow him to kill one of the senior partners that Wolfram and Hart is bringing to their party. Once the demon is killed, he will be able to get a ring that will allow him to travel through hell.

This was a pretty good episode. We get to see Holland Manners return for a brief scene where he explains that even though he’s dead, he still is working for Wolfram and Hart. The Darla story arc is almost at a close and this episode ended in quite a cliffhanger.

2 x 16 Epiphany: After spending a night with Darla, Angel’s soul does the opposite. Instead of bringing him darker, he has an epiphany and realizes that he needs the help of his friends, and his friends need him. When Angel discovers that Cordelia is in trouble by a three eyed demon, he tries to win the trust of Wesley and Gunn so that he can help save her.

We pick up right where the previous episode left off with Angel sharing a night with Darla. When he wakes up, it appears as if he’s about to lose his soul, but instead he has an epiphany and turns back into the old Angel. Angel then goes to Kate’s apartment and saves her from suicide. He then pays a visit to Lorne and Lorne tells him how he’s changed and that he needs to get back together with his friends. Meanwhile, Cordelia was planning on going to the family’s house that she killed the demon from the young girl. When she arrives, she has a vision and is attacked by a three eyed demon. Angel arrives at Wesley’s place and saves him from the three eyed demons and together, they get Gunn and seek out to save Cordelia.

I have always liked this episode. No more do we have to see the dark side of Angel because he has gone back to his group. This is when the season changes to what seems more like a follow-up to the first season. The main drawback of this season was when Angel was darker, but after reviewing those episodes, they weren’t as bad as I remembered. Still, it’s always better to have Angel back on the good side.

2 x 17 Disharmony: Angel tries to win back the trust of his friends when Harmony arrives in town. Harmony stays at Cordelia’s house, and when everyone discovers that Harmony is a vampire, they plan to kill Harmony, except for Cordelia. Lorne tells Harmony to remain on the path she’s going on and stick with Cordelia, so Harmony decides to join the group. Her first mission will be to help them get rid of a cult of vampires.

The episode picks up where the previous one left off. Cordelia gets a vision of a cult attacking a young girl so everyone leaves to save her. Angel tells Cordelia to stay and get some rest. While she’s alone at the hotel, an old friend, Harmony, arrives. Cordelia takes Harmony to her apartment where they catch up with everything that’s been going on in Sunnydale. Later that night, Harmony goes into Cordelia’s room wanting to drink her blood. Cordelia wakes up and thinks that Harmony has become gay, so she calls Willow. Willow tells Cordelia that Harmony is now a vampire. Now Harmony sticks around and Cordelia refuses to let anyone stake Harmony. When the group sets out to fight off a vampire cult, Harmony must make a decision that will determine her future.

I have always liked this episode. It’s not as depressing as the previous episodes this season, before Epiphany. Instead, this one is a bit more comic and upbeat. Harmony isn’t really a character that should stay on Angel, mainly because her attitude belongs in Sunnydale. The characters on Angel are a bit more developed and Harmony’s just wouldn’t have lasted. It’s good that she was only in this one episode.

2 x 18 Dead End: Wolfram and Hart decide to allow Lindsay to undergo surgery. They give him a new hand. Lindsay’s life can now get back on track, but there’s just one problem. The new hand seems to have a mind of its own as it write kill on everything. Lindsay soon discovers that the hand they gave him, was a hand that belonged to a serial killer and it has a mind of its own.

The episode opens with Lindsay waking up. He prepares for work and shows how he misses being able to play his guitar and do the things in life that one does with two hands. Meanwhile, Cordelia gets a vision of a man taking a knife and killing himself with it. Later, at the office, Lindsay gets the day off and they tell him to go to an appointment. He goes to his appointment to find they are going to give him a new hand. While in surgery, a shaman comes and sprinkles something onto Lindsay’s hand. The next day at office Lindsay has a new hand and it starts to write kill on his papers. Lindsay goes to Lorne and requests information about what is going on. Soon, Lindsay teams up with Angel in finding out where these body parts are coming from.

This was another great episode. Lindsay finally gets his hand back, but it’s his final appearance on Angel. Hopefully he’ll return in a later season. Anyway, this episode was basically about Lindsay and has quite a hilarious ending where Lindsay lets everyone at Wolfram and Hart know about his “evil hand.”

2 x 19 Belonging: When a demon arrives in town through a portal in Lorne’s nightclub, Lorne seeks out the help of Angel to defeat it. Cordelia gets a vision of a girl who was sucked into a portal five years ago, so they go to try and find some clues there. There they find a book which has the spell to open a portal, and once they say the spell, Lorne’s cousin comes through to help them fight the demon.

The episode opens with Cordelia, Wesley, Gunn, and Angel at dinner to celebrate Cordelia getting an acting job in a commercial. The next morning, Cordelia goes to the commercial shoot with Angel. There she finds that acting may just not be her dream job. Meanwhile at Lorne’s club while he’s singing a portal opens behind him and a demon comes through. Lorne goes to Angel’s hotel and tells them about the demon. Soon, Cordelia gets a vision of a girl named Fred, who disappeared five years ago. They go to the spot where she disappeared and one of Lorne’s cousins comes through another portal. Now they must find a way to kill the demon and send Lorne’s cousin back, and once they do there will be just one problem. Cordelia gets sucked into the portal as well.

This episode is the start of the season finale of season 2. The final battle for this season will take place in a land called Pylea, which is Lorne’s home. Now that Cordelia was sucked into the portal, it’ll be up to her friends to save her.

2 x 20 Over the Rainbow: Cordelia finds herself in the dimension of Pylea after being sucked in through a portal. Cordelia is captured by the natives, where they call her a cow. Meanwhile, Angel, Gunn, Wesley, and Lorne try to find a way to get into Pylea to save Cordelia.

The episode picks up right where the previous one left off with Cordelia being sucked into the new dimension. Soon she is attacked by a beast there and held captive. She is then sold to a farmer who uses her as a cow, and brings her to Fred, the girl who disappeared five years ago. Meanwhile, Angel and Wesley try to find a way to get to Pylea. Lorne and Gunn eventually decide to go and they all go in Angel’s car. Once they go through the portal they find a new problem. The book to get them back home fell out of the car and remains in the Earth dimension. While on Pylea, the natives go after Angel and the group and now force their fate to be decided on by the princess.

This was a pretty good episode. I always did like the final few episodes of Season 2. It isn’t part of a story that started early on, but neither was last season’s finale. Anyway, this is a good start to the final episodes of this season.

2 x 21 Through the Looking Glass: Angel, Wesley, Gunn, and Lorne are sent to the princess. Once there they discover that they have made Cordelia princess. Now everyone wants to escape together, but everyone escapes the hotel except for Cordelia. Angel meets up with Fred and Angel’s demon side shows when he tries to protect her, and Angel’s vampire side in this dimension is pure demon.

The episode picks up right where the previous one left off. Angel, Gunn, Wesley, and Lorne are sent to the princess and they find out that the princess is Cordelia. Cordelia tells everyone to leave them alone with her friends. There Wesley discovers a prophecy that states that the princess must comshuck with something called the Groosalugg. Soon, Lorne and Angel go to meet Lorne’s family, and they want Angel to kill a cow. That cow happens to be Fred, the girl from the past few episodes. Angel can’t do it so he escapes in the woods. Wesley and Gunn are captured by the rebellion. The council decides to force Cordelia to comshuck with the Groosalugg and when she refuses, they send her a message, the head of Lorne.

In the continuation of the previous episode we get another entertaining episode. Seeing Angel’s darker side was something different. The demon side barely seemed to notice anything that Angel remembered. All of that leading up to a shocking final scene.

2 x 22 There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb: Cordelia must find a way to save Lorne’s body when she discovers that removing his head isn’t the way to kill him. Cordelia goes in search of Lorne’s body to find that the Groosalugg had removed the body and made it look like they killed the real Lorne. Angel challenges the Groosalugg to a fight and Cordelia has a vision that the Groosalugg will be killed by Angel.

The episode picks up right where the previous one left off with Cordelia getting sent the message of Lorne’s head. When Lorne’s head starts talking, Cordelia must find Lorne’s body so that she can save his life. Meanwhile, Wesley and Gunn team up with the rebellion and plan to save Cordelia. Angel and Fred help with the rebellion and Angel challenges the Groosalugg to a fight.

This was really the perfect finale to season 2. There is a huge battle as Wesley, Gunn, Lorne, and Angel try to save Cordelia, meanwhile the Groosalugg fights Angel in the name of Cordelia. Once they finally arrive home in L.A., the finale ends much like the original finale ends with a cliffhanger.

This season of Angel was much darker than the previous season. The season picked up right where the first season left off. We found out that Wolfram and Hart had brought Darla back from the dead, only this time as a human. This season we see Angel turn almost evil as he grows closer to his demon side. With the show growing darker as each episode progressed, it somewhat slowed the show down. Once the episode “Epiphany” came, the show regained my interest and it continued on with great episodes. Even though the show does slow down somewhat during the middle, there really aren’t many episodes that I would consider bad, in fact I wouldn’t consider any episode this season bad. The character of Kate is only in around three episodes, and sadly, after Epiphany, her character never returns. Mainly because Elizabeth Rohm found a new show to star on. Anyway, this season was pretty good. I enjoyed the first season better, but this one was still good. I give Angel: Season 2 an 8 out of 10.

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