Angel:Season 1Angel picks up where Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3 leaves off with Angel leaving Sunnydale.  Angel is now in Los Angeles, the City of Angels, where he has met up with a half human half demon named Doyle.  Doyle is Angel’s link to the Powers that Be with his visions of what is to come.  Angel is in Los Angeles for a reason, and that is to get redemption for all the pain and suffering he has caused, but standing in his way is the law firm, Wolfram and Hart who will stop and nothing to defeat Angel and bring forth an apocalypse.  Teaming up with Angel, we get two characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cordelia and Wesley.  Together this group will form Angel Investigations and help those who are in need.

1 x 1  City Of:  Angel is now in Los Angeles.  He has teamed up with a half human, half demon named Doyle who gets visions from the Powers that Be.  Doyle gets a vision for them to help a girl named Tina at a local restaurant.  Tina is having problems with a man named Russell Winters, who is a vampire and in charge of L.A.  When Angel can’t save this girl, a new mission arises and that is to stop Russell before he kills Cordelia.

We open this series off with Angel sitting in a bar.  Two young girls are escorted out by two guys.  Angel decides to follow.  When Angel gets outside he sees the girls attacked by the two guys, which turn out to be vampires.  We then see as Angel stakes the two vampires and tells the girls to go home.  Later, as Angel arrives at his home we see that someone is waiting there for him.  His name is Doyle and he is linked to the Powers that Be.  Doyle goes on to tell Angel, Angel’s entire life and how Angel is here to help others with the guidance of Doyle.  Doyle brings Angel to a restaurant where he is to meet Tina, a girl with a troubled past.  Angel tries to help Tina and he does, but when she finds out that Angel was sent to her she thinks that he is working for Russell.  When Tina leaves, Russell waits for her and kills her.  Now Russell has his eyes set on Cordelia and it is up to Angel and Doyle to save her.

In the first episode of Angel we notice that Angel is nothing like Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  This show is much darker.  We also get to see Cordelia joining the cast on Angel.  She hasn’t changed any between Sunnydale and this episode, but overtime she will become one of the most changed characters on the show.  We are also introduced to the character of Doyle, who is quite amusing and considered by many to be one of the best characters to be introduced onto the show of Angel.  This was a great opener and the start of one of the best shows on television.

1 x 2  Lonely Hearts:  Doyle gets a vision of a club so Angel, Doyle, and Cordelia go to investigate.  What they find there is a demon who is somewhat of a parasite.  It jumps from body to body in search for one body that will allow it to live forever.

The episode opens with Doyle and Angel talking.  Doyle is trying to convince Angel that he needs to get out and have a good time tonight.  A few moments later, Cordelia walks in with the new business cards she has made for Angel Investigations.  As they are standing around talking about the new cards, Doyle has a vision of a club.  When Doyle describes the club, Angel recognizes it.  The group sets out in search for a lonely heart that they must save.  There Angel meets a girl named Kate.  She has more of a history of her own, but doesn’t tell Angel much about it.  She is at the club for a reason also, and when Angel leaves she follows him.  The next night Angel returns to the bar after discovering that a regular person there was found dead.  He links it to a girl, whom he follows back to a hotel room.  Once he arrives he finds the girl dead and a parasite demon crawling into the back of a man.  The two fight and the demon escapes.  This is when Kate walks in and we discover that Kate is a cop.  Angel makes an escape after Kate thinks that Angel is a serial killer and they soon meet up at the club again.  Things change once Kate is attacked by the demon and she must side with Angel.

This was another pretty good episode.  We are first introduced to Kate, a character that we will see in further episodes as well, always helping out Angel.  Angel has a planned mission set for him, and this show continues with him helping those who are in need.

1 x 3  In the Dark:  Oz is doing a gig with his band in L.A., but he is also on a mission from Buffy to give Angel a ring that allows vampires to be unstoppable.  Spike had it in Sunnydale and wants it back.  Buffy trusts that Angel will keep it safe, but when Spike arrives in L.A. with a vampire who loves to torture his victims, Angel may be in trouble and if Spike gets his hands on the ring, nothing will be able to stop him.

The episode opens with Angel Investigations getting their first mission and it’s to help a girl from her crazy boyfriend.  Angel saves the girl while Spike watches from the roof up ahead.  The next day, Oz arrives in L.A. and gives Angel a ring that allows him to walk in the sunlight.  When Spike learns that Angel has the ring, he goes after Angel.  The two fight and Spike gets away.  Angel then goes in search for Spike only to find a psycho vampire that is working with Spike and all it wants to do is torture Angel.  With Angel chained up, Spike makes a deal with Cordelia and Doyle in that he will give them Angel in exchange for the ring.

This was another really good episode.  One of the best things about this episode is that it features two favorite characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and that is Oz and Spike.  The scene at the very beginning with Spike giving a commentary as Angel talks to the girl he had to save from her boyfriend was hilarious.  This was a great episode.  Angel is really starting out quite nicely.

1 x 4  I Fall to Pieces:  When Doyle gets a vision of a young woman in trouble, Angel offers his services to her.  She decides to take them because of her stalking boyfriend.  Angel begins to investigate the case of her stalking boyfriend only to find out that this boyfriend has a special way of getting around.

The episode opens with Cordelia and Doyle discussing how they are going to pay the bills when Doyle gets a vision of a young woman in trouble.  He tells Angel about this girl, named Melissa, and Angel goes to pay her a visit at work.  He waits in her parking garage and approaches her.  He tells her how he is a private investigator and that if she needs any help to give him a call.  The next day Melissa gives Angel a call and tells him about her boyfriend.  Angel begins to check up on this guy only to find that he is a doctor and that he can remove his body parts and make them go places.  Angel pays the boyfriend, named Ronald, a visit and tells him about his wife that is dying unless Ronald can help.  At first Ronald refuses, but when Ronald sees Angel with Melissa he accepts in hopes of killing Angel for getting in his way.

This was a pretty interesting episode.  In this first season, Angel seems more like a crime show than it will later on.  I think that Angel is getting off to a great start.  The characters are well developed and the stories are interesting.  As for this episode, it was another interesting one and they will only get better from here.

1 x 5  RM W/A VU:  Cordelia is searching for a new place to live since her apartment is becoming infested with cockroaches.  Doyle offers his services and finds her a place and she loves it, but there is only one problem.  Her new apartment is haunted by a vengeful ghost who either wants Cordelia out or dead.

The episode opens with Cordelia becoming disgusted with her apartment when after the exterminator comes, the apartment is infested with cockroaches.  Doyle tells Cordelia that he knows a guy who can find her a good place.  At first Cordelia doesn’t want to listen since she doesn’t trust the guys Doyle knows.  Finally after seeing every apartment she can find, she gives in and Doyle shows her this beautiful apartment.  As Cordelia spends her first night in the apartment, she discovers there is a ghost living there as well.  Meanwhile, Cordelia isn’t the only one with problems as a demon is after Doyle for some money he owes.  Doyle doesn’t have the money and now the demon will get paid more for killing Doyle.

The RM W/A VU, which is also known as Room with a View, is quite a memorable episode.  I remember seeing this episode the night it first aired.  We get a vengeful ghost that is after Cordelia and Angel and Doyle when they come to try and get rid of the ghost.  We also find out that Doyle has a mysterious past that needs to be questioned.  Lastly, we are also introduced to Cordelia’s new roommate who will appear in future episodes throughout each season.  Though, her new roommate is actually a ghost named Dennis.  We never see him, but we will be able to tell when he’s there.

1 x 6  Sense and Sensitivity:  When Kate tries to bust a crime lord who is connected with Wolfram and Hart, Wolfram and Hart decides to make the police force go through Anger Management.  They have a shaman who has a magical stick that once they touch it, their sensitive side comes out, leaving L.A. without a police force and Angel as the only one who can stop them.

Kate is trying to capture a crime lord and Angel decides to help.  Angel helps capture the guy and it his lawyer from Wolfram and Hart steps in.  They conjure up a plan to get the crime lord free by making the police show their sensitive side.

This wasn’t exactly a very memorable episode.  I did remember some parts of the episode, but overall I had forgotten most of it since it first aired.  After watching it again on the new Season 1 DVD release, I realized why I didn’t remember much of it.  Nothing really happens in this episode other than we learn more about Kate’s past.

1 x 7  The Bachelor Party:  Doyle’s past comes walking into Angel Investigations when Doyle’s wife shows up in town.  Doyle’s wife wants a divorce so she can marry a new man, who is also part demon.  Doyle gives his ex-wife and her future husband his blessing, but there is one problem.  Her new husband must now eat Doyle’s brains so he can live happily with Doyle’s ex-wife.

We open with Cordelia going on a date with someone who is very rich.  While on her date she realizes that he’s boring.  Meanwhile, Angel and Doyle bust a vampire nest only to have one of them follow them home.  They go inside and Cordelia pulls up.  Her and her date are walking out when the vampire that followed Angel and Doyle arrives and attacks Cordelia.  Cordelia’s date runs away leaving Cordy on her own.  Luckily Doyle shows up and stakes the vampire.  The next morning, Cordelia wants to give Doyle a chance, but she doesn’t get to tell him because his wife comes in wanting a divorce.  Soon, Doyle meets his wife’s future husband who is planning a bachelor party and wants Doyle to be the guest of honor.  When Doyle arrives, he finds out that they reason they want him here is so they can eat his brains.

This was a much better episode than the previous one.  For the first time we learn more about Doyle.  We learn how Doyle was a third grade teacher, and we learn Doyle’s full name.  This episode was entertaining as well as a character study of Doyle.

1 x 8  I Will Remember You:  After Doyle had a vision in the previous episode of Buffy, Angel went to help her out without her knowing it.  Angel has returned to L.A., but Buffy has followed.  While Angel and Buffy fight a demon, Angel gets his blood mixed with the blood of the demon and becomes human for a day.

The episode opens with Buffy arriving in L.A.  Buffy and Angel have a talk about why they must move on but are soon attacked by a demon.  They chase the demon into the sewers.  Buffy goes above ground looking for it while Angel remains in the sewers.  Angel soon runs across the demon and kills it, but not before Angel’s blood gets mixed with the demon’s.  Angel immediately becomes human.  Once back at the office, Angel learns the joys of food as he eats everything he comes across.  He then goes to meet Buffy in the daylight, showing her that he is now human again.  Later on, Doyle gets a vision that the demon has reincarnated itself and is stronger now.  Angel and Doyle go off to fight it, and almost get themselves killed, but Buffy comes and saves them.  This is when Angel realizes that he must become a vampire again because more evil is coming and as a human, they other side has won in taking out one of the warriors.

This was a great episode.  We get to see Buffy, from Angel’s parent show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, arrive in L.A.  We also see what would happen if Angel were to become human again, and we see what terrible consequences it will have.

1 x 9  Hero:  A group of pure-demons known as The Scurge are out to kill a group of half-demons and every half man half demon in the world.  Angel and the group try and get a half-demon family who are being hunted by the Scurge out of L.A. only to find that the demons have a machine that will kill everything with human blood.

The episode opens with Cordelia trying to make a commercial for Angel Investigations.  Doyle tries to tell Cordelia that he is half-demon only to be caught with a vision during the middle of it.  He gets a vision of a half-demon family that is in trouble.  Angel and Doyle go and meet the family only to find that the Scurge is after them.  The half-demon family look up to Angel and Doyle thinking that Angel is their prophesized on.  They believe that he will save them from the Scurge.  As the family prepares to leave L.A., the Scurge arrives with their weapon that will kill every half-human half-demon around and the machine has started.  Now there is only one way to stop the machine, and that is that someone is going to have to get close enough to the machine to turn it off, which will result in the ultimate sacrifice.

This was quite possibly the best episode of Angel this season.  I would rank this episode among the best episodes that Angel has had throughout each season.  As you watch this episode you will see that Angel isn’t the one who is prophesized to save the demons, but it is in fact Doyle, played by the late Glenn Quinn.

1 x 10  Parting Gifts:  Still grieving over the loss of Doyle, Angel and Cordelia try to carry on without him.  That is when they soon are needed when a demon walks into their doors and tells them that a demon hunter is after him.  Angel agrees to help this demon, only to come face to face with Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, the Rogue Demon Hunter.

The episode opens with Angel talking with the Powers that Be in hopes of getting Doyle back.  They refuse and tell him that a new door will open.  We soon see Cordelia and Angel talking in the office about Doyle.  A few minutes later Cordelia gets a call about a commercial shoot and she leaves.  As she is walking out the door, a demon in need of Angel’s services walks into Angel Investigations.  While on her commercial shoot, Cordelia gets a painful vision and leaves to tell Angel.  It appears that with the last kiss that Cordelia and Doyle transferred his gift to Cordelia.  As Cordelia gets back, Angel leaves her because he is searching for a demon hunter who is after the demon named, Barney.  Angel soon runs into the demon hunter only to find that it is Wesley.  Wesley tells Angel that he’s not after Barney, but after the demon that’s after Barney.  Angel and Wesley soon run into the demon and Wesley shoots it with an arrow.  Soon they discover that the demon they are after is in fact the wrong one because Barney has taken Cordelia and is auctioning her off because she has eyes of visions.

This was a pretty good episode.  It wasn’t as good as the previous episode, but it was a good one.  This episode was more amusing than some of the previous episodes, and I would say that that’s due to the fact that Wesley was in it.  He did a good job on Buffy while he was there, but now it’s good to see that he will become a regular cast member on Angel.

1 x 11  Somnambulist:  A vampire from Angel’s past is in L.A. killing young people in the same way he killed them when he was with Angel.  Since this vampire is one that Angel sired, Angel shares the dreams of what this vampire is doing and it gives him a chance to help Kate stop this killer.

The episode opens with Angel biting a young girl and then Angel waking up.  Soon Angel finds out about the murders going around and goes to talk to Kate.  When Angel returns from getting information from Kate, he finds Cordelia and Wesley talking about how these murders are the same way Angel used to commit them.  Angel tells them that he knows who the killer is because he sired the vampire.  Angel soon draws a picture of the vampire, that the police call The Pope, and gives it to Kate saying that this is the guy she’s looking for.  He then tells her that the Pope will attack a young boy next.  Kate finds the Pope attacking a young boy and the police go after him.  The Pope jumps into a building and Kate goes in.  Kate shoots the Pope a few times only to see him step back up again.  Angel jumps in through the ceiling and fights the Pope, who thinks that Angel is on his side.  This is where Kate finds out for the first time what Angel truly is.  The Pope now has a new plan and that is to go after Kate.

This was another good episode dealing with a vampire/serial killer from Angel’s past.  This villain was smart and seemed to be a bigger threat than some of the previous villains.  I loved the final battle scene as Angel and the Pope fought.

1 x 12  Expecting:  After a night on a date with a photographer, Cordelia wakes up to find herself eight and a half months pregnant with baby demons.  Inside, they are turning her against her friends and making her violent.

The episode opens with Cordelia going on her date.  After her date she invites Wilson, her date, inside.  The next morning she oversleeps and when she removes the covers she is eight and a half months pregnant.  She tells Angel and Wesley about what happened and they begin their search for Wilson.  Wesley stays with Cordelia and brings her to a doctors office where they try to find out a little bit more on these baby’s that are inside of Cordelia.  Angel finds one of Cordelia’s friends and discovers that she is also eight and a half months pregnant.  Angel tracks down Wilson to find out that he is in fact human, but offered Cordelia and the other girls to a giant demon, and its this demon’s babies that are ready to be hatched.

This was a fairly decent episode.  Wesley made it more amusing than it probably would have been.  There isn’t as much fighting in this episode as some of the previous ones had.  This is more of a stand-alone episode than one that deals with the season finale.

1 x 13  She:  When a man is found burned alive, Angel and the gang try to find out what killed this man.  This leads them to a princess from another dimension who is on the run for being a traitor.  She turns to Angel in hopes of him helping her to defeat the ones who are after her.

The episode opens with Cordelia throwing a party.  Angel doesn’t relate to the guests there so he decides to remain in the kitchen.  The next morning, Angel offers Wesley a job in working for Angel Investigations full time.  Wesley accepts the offer.  Cordelia then has a vision of a man who gets burned alive.  Angel goes in search for the victim to find a demon from another dimension who is out to kill the one who killed this man.  Angel soon runs into a princess from another dimension and they team up as the other demons go after them.

This was another decent episode.  The villains in this one weren’t as threatening as some of the previous ones were.  This was another stand alone episode, much like Expecting was.  These are good episodes, they just weren’t as good as the previous ones have been.

1 x 14  I’ve Got You Under My Skin:  A young boy named Ryan is possessed by a demon and it is up to Angel and Wesley to exorcize the demon out of the boy, the only problem is that the demon will jump into the nearest warm body and could result in the death of the new host.

We start with Cordelia getting a vision of a young boy.  Angel and Wesley go to the boys home to find the boy, Ryan, walking out of his house and into the street.  There is an oncoming car and Angel jumps out and saves the boy.  Ryan’s mother and father come out the house and thank Angel for saving their son and they invite Angel in.  They then invite Angel over for dinner the next night, and Angel agrees.  When Angel gets back in his car, where Wesley is waiting for him, he tells Wesley that there is something terribly wrong inside that house.  Wesley already knows because he has found the blood of a possessing demon.  The next night, Angel makes brownies and puts in an ingredient that will show the demon for what it truly is.  Suspecting the father, Angel waits for the father to take a bite out of the brownie.  As Ryan takes a bite out of the brownie, we see that Ryan is in fact the one who is possessed.  Now Angel and Wesley decide they must do an exorcism in order to save the boy.

This was a much better episode than the previous two before it.  It reminded me quite a bit of The Exorcist, except this episode has a much different ending than in The Exorcist.  Another thing about this episode is that we start to go into Wesley’s past.

1 x 15  The Prodigal:  When a group of demons come to L.A., Angel notices something not right.  The demons are associating with Kate’s father.  Angel suspects that Kate’s father is giving these demons evidence from a train that was stopped abruptly.

The episode opens with a train that was held hostage stopping.  We see Angel fighting a demon while Kate searches for information on the train stopping.  Kate soon sees her father at the wreckage and thinks that he is there to see her.  Angel begins to follow the guy who made the train stop and links him back to Kate’s father.  Angel questions Kate’s father but cannot talk to him much.  Angel soon realizes that Kate’s father doesn’t know what he’s dealing with and now it’s up to Angel and Kate to stop these vampires.

This was a pretty good episode.  We get to see more about Kate and her father’s relationship.  This episode reminded me more of the first couple of episodes of this season with the more crime like atmosphere.  Another really good episode.

1 x 16  The Ring:  A client who is looking for his brother tricks Angel and forces him to fight in a deadly battle against other demons.  Each demon has to win twenty-one fights in order to leave the ring.  With each fight being fought to the death, Wesley and Cordelia must find a way to get inside and save Angel before it’s too late.

The episode opens with a man walking into Angel’s office.  He tells Angel that his brother has been kidnapped.  This leads Angel on a search for the missing brother.  Soon, Angel finds the brother, but it turns out that the brother wasn’t missing at all.  The two brothers had conspired together in order to get Angel in their ring.  While inside the ring, Angel must face his first match.  He refuses to fight the demon, but the demon continues to fight Angel.  Once the demon gets a weapon, Angel must save himself and kill the demon.  Angel is then bought by Lilah Morgan, a lawyer from Wolfram and Hart.  When he refuses to stay with her, Angel is taken back to the ring and forced to fight one of the deadliest demons there, and this will be that demon’s twenty-first victory.  Meanwhile, Wesley and Cordelia search for a key that will unlock the demon’s wrist bands so they can escape.

This episode has always been a favorite of mine.  I can remember the night it first aired.  As I watched it again, the first time in years, I could still remember most of what I was watching.  One thing about this episode is that we are introduced to Lilah Morgan for the first time.  She will become a key player in the show in the future.  We also get to see Wesley as a bit more of a fighter, compared to his role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  This is the kind of fighter that Wesley will become.

1 x 17  Eternity:  When Angel saves an actress from her stalker, the actress takes a liking to him.  She befriends Cordelia, and Cordelia wants to use her in order to advance her acting career.  Rebecca, the actress, has other plans in mind and that is to get Angel to make her young forever.

The episode opens with Angel and Wesley watching Cordelia do an awful job acting in a play.  On their walk home, they see Rebecca, a famous actress who’s career is starting to fall.  She is about to get hit by a car and Angel jumps across the street and saves her.  Later that night Rebecca tells Angel about a stalker that is after her.  He doesn’t accept the case and that night Rebecca is attacked by her stalker.  Little did everyone know, Angel did in fact take the case and jumped through the window and saved her.  Now Rebecca is keeping Angel at her side, and as a way to repay him she offers him a drink.  She puts a tranquilizer in his drink to make him feel happy, and this causes terrible results as Angelus decides to surface for a while.

This was a pretty entertaining episode.  The final scene with Angelus returning was amazing.  He forces Rebecca to change her mind once she sees what a true vampire is like.  My only complaint with this episode was that Angel jumped into her house through a window.  It appeared to be a flaw to me considering they never showed Angel being invited into her house.  Still, it was a solid and entertaining episode.

1 x 18  Five By Five:  Wolfram and Hart discover that the rogue slayer Faith is in town and decide to get her on their side.  They offer her fifteen thousand if she dusts Angel.  Faith makes it her pleasure to dust Angel and torment his friends.

The episode opens with a man being attacked by demons and Angel saving his life.  We then see a bus stop and let out some passengers.  One of these passengers happens to be Faith, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3.  We see Faith make a brutal entrance to L.A. when she attacks a man.  Wolfram and Hart send Lilah to talk with Faith and get Faith on their side.  They offer Faith some money and she accepts.  Faith then sets out to kill Angel, leading to a climax in the streets you won’t soon forget.

This was one of the finest hours of television history when Faith made her debut on Angel.  She was only in two episodes this first season, but she left an impact.  The final scene is amazing!  Angel is a show that constantly gets better, and it’s because of episodes like this.

1 x 19  Sanctuary:  Following the episode Five by Five, Angel is starting to reach to Faith but there are new problems arising.  Buffy has come to L.A. in search for Faith.  The Watcher’s Council has offered Wesley his watcher’s job back, if he brings them Faith.  Lindsey has told Kate that Angel has Faith with him.

The episode opens with the next morning after the fight in the streets that was in the previous episode.  Angel is still trying to help Faith and he believes that she can be saved.  Wesley and Cordelia aren’t as enthusiastic as Angel, so Cordelia takes a paid vacation.  We soon see Wesley in a bar, throwing darts when he runs into some old friends from England.  They show him what they want him to do, and that is give them Faith, and they will take him back to England.  Later on we see Lindsey and Lilah talking to a demon.  They have hired a new assassin to kill Faith, since Faith has joined with Angel.  The demon goes after Angel and Faith, but it doesn’t last long.  After the fight, Buffy walks in and sees Faith and Angel.  She doesn’t want Angel to help Faith because she sees Faith as being someone that can’t be helped.  Soon we see Lindsey telling Kate that he knows where Faith is.  Meanwhile back at Angel Investigations, Wesley runs into Faith and instead of turning her over to the watchers, he brings her downstairs with Buffy and Angel.  He tells them what’s going on and this is when the watchers come after all of them.

This was a great follow up to the previous episode.  We get a return from Buffy and we see how Faith truly can be helped.  Faith makes her decision that will decide her fate, and she does it on her own free will.  It will be good to see how Faith is when she leaves jail and returns to Angel in Season 4.

1 x 20  War Zone:  A group of street kids have been fighting vampires their whole life.  When they target Angel, Angel must try and win their trust so that he can show them that he’s on their side instead of against them.

The episode opens with a girl being chased by some vampires.  We soon see someone come to the rescue.  Instead of seeing Angel save the girl, we see a man by the name of Charles Gunn, and his crew.  We then switch to Angel, Cordelia, and Wesley as they are at a party helping out a guy who is being blackmailed.  We then go back to Gunn and his gang as they take on the vampires.  As Angel investigates the blackmailing, he runs into Gunn, who knows that Angel is a vampire, but doesn’t know that he’s got a soul.  Gunn attacks Angel, but Angel ends up saving one of Gunn’s gang’s life.  Gunn is now starting to have doubts that Angel is bad, and when a group of vampire’s take Gunn’s sister, Angel is the only one who can help Gunn.

This was a very good episode and it introduces us to Charles Gunn.  Gunn is a character that will become a full time cast member in Season 2 and will continue to remain on the show, even into Season 4.  The first season of Angel is going quite nicely, and it’s going to be great to see how the final two episodes are.

1 x 21  Blind Date:  Wolfram and Hart has hired a blind woman who can anticipate her attacker’s every movement to kill three children who pose a threat to Wolfram and Hart.  Lindsey decides that he doesn’t want any part in this, so he sides with Angel.

The episode opens with a blind woman walking down the streets of L.A.  We soon cut to Angel fighting a vampire, only to see another man killed by the blind woman.  The blind woman then attacks Angel, being able to anticipate his every move before he hits her.  The next day, Lindsey is assigned to help the blind woman in a child murder case, once she murders three children that pose a threat to Wolfram and Hart.  Lindsey doesn’t like this idea so he turns to Angel for help.  He sneaks Angel into Wolfram and Hart and Angel gets all the files he needs so that he can save the children.  While inside, Angel grabs an ancient scroll that has a prophecy about the end of the world.  Now Angel must face the blind woman in order to save the children and Lindsey must make a choice, leave Wolfram and Hart forever, or be promoted to something higher than he was.

This was a pretty good episode and it leads us nicely into the season finale where we will find out exactly what the scroll says.  This was a good episode and it shows that Lindsey isn’t all bad, he just works for a bad company.

1 x 22  To Shanshu in L.A.:  Angel must face a demon who has risen in order to raise something powerful for Wolfram and Hart.  The demon starts his destruction of Angel by going after the ones Angel cares for the most.

The episode opens with Cordelia showing Angel and Wesley the paper showing that Lindsey was promoted.  We then see someone sneaking into Angel Investigations.  That someone turns out to be the guy who hired Angel to investigate blackmail from the episode, War Zone.  Wesley then discovers a word that he has been trying to translate, and that word is Shanshu, which means death.  They begin to believe that the prophecy is foreshadowing Angel’s death.  Meanwhile, Lindsey, Lilah, and Holland are raising a demon outside of Wolfram and Hart, and they want this demon to fulfill part of the prophecy, and that is to raise something evil to go after Angel.  Wesley and Cordelia decide that they need to find something that Angel wants because wants are a human trait.  As Cordelia buys Angel some paints, she runs into the demon that Wolfram and Hart rose, and this demon makes her see every bit of torment in the world through her visions.  This puts Cordelia in the hospital.  That night, as Wesley goes into the office to try and translate more of the prophecy, he discovers that the scroll was taken and soon the building blows up, placing Wesley in the hospital.  Angel turns to Gunn for protection of Cordelia and Wesley while Angel goes after the demon that did this so that he can reverse what is happening to Cordelia.  All this will lead up to something very shocking and the true meaning behind the word Shanshu.

This was a great season finale.  It wasn’t like what we’ve seen on all the Buffy the Vampire Season Finales with Buffy defeating the big bad of the season, but instead we get more questions that will lead into next season of Angel.

One thing you can notice about the first season of Angel is that it’s not like Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  This show doesn’t give you that humor that its predecessor has.  Instead, we get a much more dark and gritty show.  We are introduced to a few new characters, such as Doyle, Lilah, Lindsey, and Gunn.  Another thing about this show is that it is really about character development.  Instead of seeing Angel as the brooding supporting character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we get him as the leading character and running a group of people who are trying to save the world, all while they try to get redemption for their past sins.  Angel is a show that introduced us to a series big bad, instead of a season big bad.  We see Wolfram and Hart as the main big bad, and Wolfram and Hart will stick around until Season 4.  There are some truly stand out episodes such as, “City Of,” “Hero,” “I Will Remember You,” “Parting Gifts,” “Five by Five,” and a couple of others.  Even in the lesser episodes, the show still manages to entertain.  Angel is one of the two best shows on television, the other being Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Angel made an amazing debut, and will continue on with even greater seasons.  For the first season, I give it a 9 out of 10.

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