American NightmareA group of four friends where out in the woods a week before Halloween.  Then a serial killer appears and kills each one of them.   Now it’s a year later and it’s Halloween night.  There is a talk show that is called “American Nightmare” and it is dedicated to the four people who were murdered a year earlier.  On this talk show people call in and confess their worst fear.  Another group of people are all at a bar, one of them being Jessie who’s sister was one of the four killed a year earlier, and each one of them tell their worst fear over the radio at American Nightmare.  Little did they know that the killer was in the bar as well, and has been after them ever since the previous year.  And now that the killer knows their worst fears, she’ll make sure that all their fears come to life.

I really didn’t know what to expect out of this film.  So when I got it and put American Nightmare into the VCR I was pleasently surprised.  It starts off with a group of people getting killed by this crazed killer.  The killer acts extremely violent.  The opening scene reminded me of the opening scene in Cherry Falls.  After each one of them are killed we are taken to a year later and the killer is back after more victims.  Letting anyone know who the killer is isn’t going to spoil anything since we see the killer’s face the entire film.  Throughout the entire film the killer was psychotic and she never let us see her to have any sanity.  Debbie Rochon did a wonderful job at making you think she is truly insane.  She brought her character to life.  As for the rest of the cast, the acting in this movie was really good for it being a straight-to-video release.  The directing was another plus for this film.  Jon Keeyes really made a cast of characters that you really start to feel sorry for.  He makes it to where you feel that you know them.  As for the gore in this movie, the camera would always cut away during a murder scene.  It never showed any blood at all, expect when the blood was on the knife.  But don’t let that keep you from seeing this film.  Keeyes was really was able to build up the suspense so it really didn’t need any gore.  You’ve all heard that “Less is More.”  Well, in this film there is less gore and more violence.  The violence, story, and wonderful directing will definitely keep you entertained.  Overall, I really enjoyed this film and I am sure that you will as well.   You all can expect a VHS and DVD release on January 29, 2002.  I for one will definitely pick up the DVD.  This is an above average slasher flick, and I highly recommend it.  I give it an 8 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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