AM1200 (2008)

Type: Horror / Short Film
Director: David Prior
Screenplay: David Prior
Image Manager: Brian Hoodenpyle
Production: 2008, USA, 39 min.

John Billingsley (Jonah Henry) , Eric Lange (Sam Larson) , Stephanie Venditto (Helen) , Ray Wise (Harry Jones)

A company employee, together with colleagues within the company turns a game, but fails. Friend to suicide, in a desperate way he falls for.

Lost and abandoned during the escape path is a radio building. To listen to previously broadcast radio is not functioning now. But this place a secret is pretty fantastic.

Forty-minute short film that does not take great interest was shown in the festival. Mysterious, engrossing, can be said to be a genuine horror film.

Posted on May 18, 2009

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