Alien ResurrectionAfter seven failed attempts to clone Ripley, scientists have created a perfect clone of her, with the alien queen still inside.  With surgery, they bring the alien out of Ripley and decide to keep her alive so that they can observe this new Ripley.  When a group of space pirates bring a cargo of frozen people, the scientists use the cargo to feed it to the alien eggs, to create a new batch of aliens.  Things go terribly wrong when the aliens escape, and now these pirates must team up with an alien Ripley in order to survive and destroy the aliens before the spaceship lands on Earth.

Ripley has finally been cloned as close to perfect as possible.  There have been seven attempts before, and each one of those did not turn out right.  This Ripley still isn’t an exact replica of the original one as this Ripley has alien traits.  Meanwhile, a group of space pirates are on their way to this space station to dump off some cargo they are carrying.  The scientists at the space station purchase the cargo and feed them to the alien eggs.  Soon, the aliens break free and the pirates must team up with Ripley.

The original Alien is still by far the best in the series.  Part two was a great sequel, but very different.  I enjoyed part three and find it highly underrated.  As for part four, Alien Resurrection does not compete with the other three.  Not only were the original films monster movies, they were also telling the story of Ellen Ripley.  Ripley’s story was complete and it had closure at the end of Alien 3.  With Alien Resurrection, they bring Ripley back, but it’s not the same Ripley we’ve come to know over the years.  This Ripley is not as caring as the original Ripley was.  The characters are underdeveloped and lack emotion.  Alien Resurrection is simply an action packed scifi movie.  Although, this was not a horrible film, it simply is not the same kind of Alien movie as the previous three.  Still, the CGI has improved a bit over Alien 3, but the story and character development is just absent in this one.  Ripley is a totally different character than the Ripley from the previous three.  Still, if you’re a fan of the original three, you may want to check this one out to see how the series has progressed.  I give this one a 5 out of 10.

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Posted on June 1, 2008

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