alien 3After Ripley’s battle with the queen alien, her spaceship crashes on a planet there prisoners are sent.  Hicks and Newt do not survive the crash and Bishop is destroyed beyond repair.  Ripley is the only survivor, but that is until another she discovers that they had an alien stowaway that is now loose on this new planet.  Ripley must team up with prisoners that do not have weapons to fight this alien while she tries to stop the queen alien that is growing inside of her.

As Ripley’s spaceship floats through space, it crashes on planet Fiorina 161.  Fiorina 161 is a planet that has only prisoners on it and no weapons.  Ripley and an alien stowaway are the only survivors.  Ripley believes that the alien had hitched a ride inside of Newt, but she soon discovers that the alien is actually growing inside of her.  Now, as a new alien hatches on this prison planet, it starts to kill off everyone around it and it’s up to Ripley to team up with a group of prisoners in order to defeat this creature before the queen decides to hatch.

I had heard plenty of bad things about Alien 3 and I loved the original two films.  Alien had a scary atmosphere to it while Aliens was a non-stop action flick.  David Fincher brings something new to this series.  Instead of a non-stop action flick like Aliens, we get a film that is more along the lines of the original.  Although, instead of suspense, Fincher has substituted that for gore.  Alien 3 is the goriest of the Alien series.  My real complaint with this film is the way the alien looked.  This alien was CGI and it was very easy to tell.  There were many scenes, especially the ones that featured the alien moving at a fast pace, where the alien was completely off focus with the rest of the background.  Still, I found that the story in this one was good and we get to see more of how Ripley’s character has evolved.  In the first film, she was about following orders until she was all that was left.  Then she had to become a survivor.  In Aliens she is still in survival mode until Newt was captured by the aliens.  She then becomes a protector for Newt and will stop at nothing to ensure Newt’s survival.  Now, in Alien 3, she has no one to look out for except herself.  Although, by the end of the film we can see how she is willing to do whatever she has to in order to save others.  Overall, if you liked the original two films, I recommend you checking out the third entry in this series.  I give it a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on June 1, 2008

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