a crack in the floorThree young couples take a hiking trip.  They have everything planned out to have a great weekend in the woods, but from the start they begin to realize that this trip isn’t going to go well.  First when they arrive they meet these two crazy men who have this odd craving for chicken.  Later on as night falls they find a cabin to stay, but from what they’ve seen that day, they aren’t prepared for what’s to come because underneath the floor lives a brutal murderer who wants to kill them one by one through the night and he’s watching them through a crack in the floor.

This was an amazing film.  It was so different from all the other horror movies that have come out after Scream.  This movie is more like an 80’s film, and often reminded me of the 80’s film, “Mother’s Day.”  Though the beginning of this movie is kind of slow, though it keeps you interested.  The character of Jeremiah is truly the most amazing part of this film, he was often very creepy.  I think that if anyone of the new killers of the newer horror films should become part in a series, Jeremiah should be the one.  The last 30 minutes of this film are so wonderfully suspenseful that you will want to watch this over and over again.  I recommend this film to anyone who loves the 80’s horror films.  I give it 7 out of 10 stars.

Posted on May 30, 2008

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