28 weeks later

Type: Suspense / Science Fiction / Horror / Zombie
Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Screenplay: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Rowan Joffe, Jesús Olmo, Enrique López Lavigne
Image Manager: Enrique Chediak
Music: John Murphy
Production: 2007, England, 99 min.

Rose Byrne (Scarlet) , Jeremy Renner (Doyle) , Harold Perrineau Jr. (Flynn) , Catherine McCormack (Alice) , Mackintosh Muggleton (Andy) , Idris Elba (General Stone) , Imogen Poots (Tammy) , Robert Carlyle (Don)

Rage virus spread to the Kingdom of the island has been created to control the chaos, and people have to empty slowly started to return to their homes. The American army, in various parts of London and the people’s trust level of the right to relocate the house to help to provide.

But the Rage virus, all plans will be upside down with a virus is as dangerous and insidious. Everyone, when you think that the history of danger at a time aside and in a way much more dangerous time is waiting to take action again. Indeed, return home a family can experience the joy of the individual, a terrible virus is still in the body. The virus is the most accurate time to wait again to arise.

The first film directed by Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later, this more then five years later captured the director’s seat in the movie, movie director and screenwriter Betting Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is inherited.

Posted on April 26, 2009

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  1. Anonymous

    9 years ago

    The infected in 28 days/weeks later are NOT zombies. They’re infected with a rage virus, which is why they attack uninfected people, as opposed to zombies, which attack because of a need to feel on human flesh.
    The opening scene of 28 days later makes it really clear.

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