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Urban Legends 2: Final Cut


The making of a horror movie takes on a terrifying reality for students at the most presigious film school in the country.  At Alpine University someone is determined to win the best film award at any cost, even if it means eliminating the competition.
The first time I saw this film I hated it.  The second [...]

Urban Legend


When New England college student Natalie finds herself at the center of a series of sadistic murders seemingly inspired by urban legends, she resolves to find the truth about Pendleton’s own legend-a twenty-five-year-old story of a student massacre at the hands of an abnormal Psych professor.  As the fraternities prepare to celebrate the macabre anniversary, [...]



A war has been raging for centuries, one that pits vampires against werewolves.  The vampires have managed to push back the werewolves when Kraven, the vampire leader, defeated the werewolf leader, Lucian.  With the awakening of a master vampire only a few days away, the werewolves have found a descendent of a man who started [...]



After a meteor shower tears through the peaceful fishing town known as Berkeley, the residents discover that the dead have risen from their graves.  Now it’s up to two expecting parents, two cops, a beauty pageant queen, and the local crazy man named Marion, who was kidnapped by aliens, to save this town from legions [...]

The Day They Came Back


The dead have risen to feast on the living.  When a research laboratory that has remained unknown to the public has a chemical explosion, troops are sent in to investigate.  What they find will change them forever.  The dead have risen and the soldiers must make it out alive, before it’s too late.The Day They [...]

Thou Shalt Not Kill…Except


Many people may not know Thou Shalt Not Kill… Except but you’ll definitely recognize the names and faces associated with it.  Loaded with people from the Evil Dead trilogy this film is a treat for fans of the Michigan crew.  If you’re a fan of Sam Raimi, this disc is worth checking out just to [...]

Trick or Treat


Eddie Weinbauer loves hard rock music and his idol is Sammi Curr.  One morning Eddie wakes up and discovers that his beloved rock star has been killed in a hotel fire.  Now as Halloween draws near Eddie goes to the local radio station and the guy there, named Nuke, gives him the only copy of [...]

Tremors 3: Back to Perfection


Hurt is back for Tremors 3: Back to Perfection.  This one takes place where it all started, in the town of Perfection.  This one brings us back with some of the characters from the first film.  Burt, Miguel, Mindy, Mindy’s Mom, and Melvin have all returned.  This time the Grabiods have mutated again, and now [...]

Tremors 2: Aftershocks


The Grabiods are back and this time standing still won’t save you.  Burt and Earl return once again to battle the Grabiods as they mutate into smaller Grabiods that run on the ground.  This time if they stand still it won’t save them because these things see you because of your body heat.  The movie [...]



A small town has been overrun by freaks.  These people include Dickie, who has a new girlfriend that isn’t exactly alive.  There’s Pricie and Caduceus.  Caduceus is the crazy man who is stalking one of the girls.  Meanwhile two misfits take it upon themselves bash the freaks.
The movie opens with us being introduced to all [...]