Browsing Month July, 2008

The Eye


In 1973 we watched a movie that frightened us like no other, The Exorcist.   On the night when the exorcism of Reagon MacNiel took place a murderer was executed.  Yet after he was executed some similar murders are happening again.   Is there a copycat or is he still alive possessing the priest who fell down [...]

The Exorcist


One of the scariest movies of all time.  About a 12 year old girl named Regan who gets possessed by the Devil.
This is a great movie.  Wonderfully written and directed.  It has great acting and is one of the scariest movies of all time.  Jason Miller does a great job playing Father Damien Karras, which [...]

The Evil Dead


Five friends drive up to a cabin deep in the woods.  While they are there they discover the book the “Necronomicon” a.k.a. “The Book of the Dead.”  Once they read the words out of this aloud they release an evil from the woods that turns each one of these friends into a deadly zombie like [...]

The Dorm that Dripped Blood


A group of four college students decide to stay at their college dorm over Christmas break.  They figured that everything would be all right, until the phone lines go dead, the power goes out, and they are plunged into the darkness with a brutal killer stalking them and killing them off one by one.  With [...]

The Dead Zone: Season 1


Based upon Stephen King’s book/movie, “The Dead Zone”, this television show takes things a lot further. After being in a coma for seven years, as a result of a car accident, Johnny Smith suddenly awakes unexpectedly. He seems fine, except for one thing; every time he touches somebody, or some inanimate objects, he gets visions. [...]

The Dead Zone


Johnny Smith had everything going for him, a good job, a great girlfriend, and a good life.  All that ends one night while driving home from his girlfriend, Sarah’s, house.  He gets in a wreck with an eighteen wheeler and is put in a coma for five long years.  When he wakes up, he discovers [...]

The Dead Next Door


Zombies are taking over the world and now it is up to a small group of people who call themselves the zombie squad to save the world.  While the zombie squad is rounding up the zombies, a doctor tries to find a cure for the epidemic.
The movie opens with us being introduced to Dr. Bow.  [...]

The Dead Hate the Living


A group of film makers shoot a zombie film in an abandoned hospital, when they discover a corpse. (Who looks like Rob Zombie.)  They bring the corpse back to life and send themselves into another world.
I was surprised when I saw this film.  It has a low budget, so the F/X wasn’t all that great.  [...]

The Crow: Salvation


A young man named Alex Corvis was sentenced to death for the murder of his girlfriend, Lauren Randall.  Now, after he was murdered in the electric chair, he has returned from the dead and will avenge his and his girlfriend’s death.  Much like the same plot of the original, this time instead of going after [...]

The Crow: City of Angels


Years have passed since the events of the first film.  Now a new soul has been called to be guided by the crow.  A man and his son are brutally murdered and dumped into a lake.  Ashe, the father, rises from his watery grave and with the guidance of a woman named Sarah, he will [...]