While this is a fairly new movie, 100 Feet is definitely not the average fare for a typical haunting. If you like ghost tales then this one might be right up your alley, but be warned that it is pretty brutal even though it has already been shown on TV in the United States. The story itself is very interesting and a total twist on the average haunting movie, more akin to what you might read in a novel than what is typically in a horror movie. Where there are sometimes more mindless hack and slash horror films, 100 Feet is not one of them. There’s a moral to the story that makes it much closer to a traditional horror tale than has been popular in recent years in this genre. For this reviewer, that strengthens the story and the impact of the movie, but first let’s cover why it is more emotionally involving than many other horror flicks today.

The basic tale follows a young woman named Marnie who is being released from prison because she committed manslaughter, killing her husband in self defense. The husband was a violent cop in New York City and a despicable human in general, abusive towards everyone from what we learn. In order to be released, Marnie must agree to wear an electronic bracelet so that her movement can be tracked by the state. This means that she is under house arrest for the rest of the time that she has to serve her sentence. Throughout this period she is in a large and rather creepy house that belonged to her and her now dead husband. She is allowed to roam up to 100 feet from the premises, but as if that wasn’t bad enough, she also has her husband’s former partner watching her house and trying to catch her violating her parole because his friendship with the abusive cop is stronger than his sense of justice.

Now this is a nice set up and it’s only the first few minutes of the film. The tension will build over the course of the movie and it really does so beautifully. The special effects in this flick are pretty impressive in their own right and there are definitely really nice touches here and there, but again, this is not a film about the jump factor or even the smooth visuals – it is truly about the sense of horror that Marnie experiences while in this house. It is a dark and nihilistic kind of tale, but it doesn’t pound you over the head. This is a rare kind of movie for the 2000’s and this reviewer hopes more will be made along these lines because the classic sense of horror really would be a very nice thing to have brought back into the genre.

100 Feet succeeds at pulling you in right from the start and that is its primary power. If you want a sadistic killing fest, that it is not. If you need a quirky villain defiling virgins – again, it’s not this movie. If you want to watch something as good as a horror novel of the first rate – this is your movie!

But be warned: once you start watching, you’re not going to want to go far from the screen.

Posted on June 6, 2010

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2 Comments → “100 Feet (2008)”

  1. sheku kamara

    8 years ago

    Nice movie.

  2. Mae

    8 years ago

    I’m so glad someone else saw this! I watched it just recently and was very impressed. I thought Ms Janssen did a fine job, holding up 90% of the film by herself or playing opposite a green screen. When you realize that she only had an actual human partner in very few scenes, her skill becomes very apparent. The effects were extremely good, downright alarming in places. I think fans of classic ghost stories will like this; it reminds me of The Haunting (original, thank you) and Turn of the Screw…with a little What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? thrown in for flavor.


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